It all depends on which home renovations are worth the investment. your Goal for the project your budget.  

If you Maximize the value your You can sell your home and invest in low-cost projects that offer high returns. your investment. The flip side is that if your The goal is to create a space that is unique to you. your unique lifestyle, you You might think about projects that increase comfort and ease of use. your Living space

Which home renovations can be worth the cost?

Only renovations that are essential are worth the investment. your The home is ready for a buyer. The current state of the property will determine whether it is available for sale. your This could include making repairs to the house or updating the aesthetics of the home for a timeless feel.  

“Buyers want to make sure that when they’re purchasing a home, they’re not going to have additional costs,” Jill Franks is the lead interior designer and project manager at Freemodel—a California-based home renovation company dedicated to maximizing property values. 

You have many home renovations that can increase your property’s value. your houseHowever, it is possible to find one that offers a high return of investment. you How to get the most out of your budget.  


Remodel your bathroom

Average cost: $80,000

Average value: $50,000

Return on investment 63%

The cost of the project will vary depending on whether it is completed in full. you want to add a full bathroom, which includes a tub or shower, or a half bathroom that doesn’t. Depending on how many bathrooms you have. your If your home has a high ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms, it may be worth adding a bathroom. your Home is more comfortable to stay in if you plan to stay a while, or increase the property value—especially if your Currently, there is only one bathroom in your home. 

Cost also depends on whether the customer is willing to pay for shipping. you You can add additional square footage your Home through an addition or creating space your current floor plan. If you Are able to find a route within your The addition of a bathroom to the existing floorplan adds substantial value. your Franks says that if the property is worth its price, it might be worthwhile to invest.

A new bedroom is possible

Average cost: $172,500

Average value: $100,000

Return on investment 56%

Like adding a bathroom to your home, a bedroom should only be added if it grows. your Franks claims that comfort and property values will increase by at least twice the amount of the investment. Franks explains that this is due to the amount of time required to obtain a permit for the construction and to complete the project. 

This is also one of the most costly home renovations homeowners can do. However, homeowners who can find additional space in their existing floor plans to add an extra room may be able cut costs and speed up the process, which could make the project more worthwhile. 

Remodel your kitchen

Average cost: $80,000

Average value: $60,000

Return on investment 75%

A major kitchen remodel involves tearing down the kitchen cabinets and countertops, as well as replacing them with an updated floor plan. This is more costly than a minor kitchen remodel which may involve re-painting the walls and updating the hardware. 

If you Plan to put your A minor update could be the perfect thing to do when your home is on the market your kitchen  needs to refresh the space so a potential buyer can envision themself in the home. One thing to remember when selling your home is not to get emotionally attached. your Personal aesthetics are important. Stick with timeless colors and finishes to help potential buyers visualize themselves living in the home for many years.

Remodel your bathroom 

Average cost: $35,000

Average value: $25,000

Return on investment 71%

If your Bathroom space is very limited. you You can improve its functionality by changing its layout. This will maximize its functionality. your It is cheaper to renovate existing square footage than to build a new bathroom. Refresh your You can also give your current space a unique touch. your Franks describes the unique qualities of a home that make it stand out among other listings. 

Remodel your Basement 

Average cost: $57,500

Average value: $49,250

Return on investment 86%

If you You have a unfinished basement you Can significantly increase the market value your You can make your space more homey by finishing it. It improves your home’s usable spaces and can provide space to add an additional room in your home. 

You can also add a second dwelling unit such as a mother in-law suite or rentable unit. Franks says that this project was more popular in the aftermath of the pandemic because people were seeking additional income streams to supplement their income or needed separate spaces for family members. 

Revamp your home’s exterior 

New roof

Average cost: $12,000

Average value: $12,000

Return on investment 100%

New garage door

Average cost: $2,000

Average value: $2,000

Return on investment 100%

Vinyl siding is now available 

Average cost: $18,300

Average value: $15,000

Return on investment 82%

New fiber cement siding 

Average cost: $18,600

Average value: $16,000

Return on investment 86%

Replacing your Roof and siding are often high-return investments. your They are essential repairs that can last for many decades and are worth the investment. Also, you can increase your home’s overall energy efficiency which lowers your Utility bills. Change of address your Garage doors add curb appeal and provide security. you A chance to integrate smart technology that allows you To be even remotely close your garage door if you forget. 

“Buyers nowadays want to walk into a home and feel like, even if it’s not their dream home in terms of cosmetic aesthetic, they are walking into a home they can really live in for a while before they have to spend money,” Franks. 

Doors and windows should be replaced 

Front door made of new steel

Average cost: $3,150

Average value: $2,000

Return on investment 63%

Front door made of fiberglass

Average cost: $3,500

Average value: $2,100

Return on investment 60%

Vinyl windows

Average cost: $30,000

Average value: $20,000

Return on investment 67%

New wood windows

Average cost: $48,000

Average value: $30,000

Return on investment 63%

Replacing your The front door can improve the appearance of your home. your home, but it isn’t as wise of an investment since buyers are usually only focused on whether the front door is functional, says Franks. 

Instead, if you You have enough your Consider replacing your budget your windows. Windows that are energy efficient insulate. your Protect your home from extreme weather conditions by replacing old windows. Replacing old windows can reduce energy costs by about 5%. your energy bill by 12%—which is good news for potential buyers and will increase your The overall property value. 

Major or minor renovations 

Major renovation This refers to a significant or drastic change in the structure your home. Major remodels and renovations usually cost more than minor ones due to the scope of work and the materials used. 

Minor renovations: The focus of the cosmetic changes is to the existing structure. your home. Because minor renovations are usually focused on small details, they can often be less expensive than major ones. 


Remodeling your home can include replacing the roof. your Roofs and siding can be a great way to recoup almost all of the cost. your investment. But, other projects—like building an addition for a bathroom or bedroom—might cost you It takes more work to complete than the buyer is willing and able to pay. 

Consider where to go when you are looking for a place to live. your Home you You want to invest your The money is in you First, you should consider the end goal. your project. “The idea of renovating is if you’re staying in that home then make it your dream home,” Frank. “But, if you’re selling it, it’s to maximize the dollars in your pocket.”