ISTANBUL: A blast erupted on Sunday in central Istanbul, killing six people and injuring 53 more. Istanbul In an incident President Tayyip Erdan called a bomb attack “smells like terrorism”.
Ambulances They raced to the scene along the packed Istiklal Avenue. Police quickly closed the area. The Beyoglu district, Turkey’s largest, was jammed as usual with families, tourists, and shoppers.
Reuters video footage showed that the explosion occurred in the middle of the avenue. It sent debris into the air, and left several people on the ground.
“Efforts to defeat Turkey and the Turkish people through terrorism will fail today just as they did yesterday and as they will fail again tomorrow,” Erdogan spoke at a news conference.
“Our people can rest assured that the culprits behind the attack will be punished as they deserve,” He said that, and added that the initial information suggested “a woman played a part” It.
“It would be wrong to say this is undoubtedly a terrorist attack but the initial developments and initial intelligence from my governor is that it smells like terrorism,” Erdogan said.
Although no one has claimed responsibility, the bombing of Istanbul and other Turkish cities was previously carried out by Kurdish separatists, Islamist militants, and other groups.
“When I heard the explosion, I was petrified, people froze, looking at each other. Then people started running away. What else can you do,” Mehmet Akus (45), is a worker at a restaurant on Istiklal.
“My relatives called me, they know I work on Istiklal. I reassured them,” He spoke to Reuters.
A helicopter flew high above the blast scene, while ambulances were parked nearby. Taksim Square.
Kasimpasa’s police station stated that all the crews were on the scene, but did not give any additional details.
Local media reported that the Istanbul chief prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation into the blast.
According to the Turkish Red Crescent blood was being transferred from one hospital to another.
If it’s confirmed, it will be the first major explosion in Istanbul in many years.
In December 2016, twin bombings occurred outside Istanbul’s soccer stadium. 38 people were killed and 155 were injured in the attack by an affiliate of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party.