QUETTA: Six Pakistani civilians one Afghan soldier were killed Sunday in Officials from both sides of the frontier claim that cross-border gunfire and shelling has occurred.
The Pakistani army stated Afghan The border force had been opened “unprovoked and indiscriminate fire of heavy weapons including artillery/mortar onto the civilian population” At the Chaman Border crossing that links Pakistan’s west with India Balochistan Province located in the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan.
Six Civilians were killed Another 17 people were injured by the Pakistani side. Afghan The Pakistani military stated that fire prompted Pakistani troops to respond. in A statement.
Afghan Security sources claimed that the clash started after Pakistani forces demanded Afghan Forces stop building new checkpoints on their side.
Kandahar police spokesman Hafiz Saber one Afghan soldier This was killed Ten other people, including three civilians, were also injured.
Afghan Official Noor Ahmad, in Kandahar said to Reuters that the situation has returned to normal since the meeting between the sides.
The busy Afghan Officials from both sides confirmed that the Chaman border crossing, which is used for transit and trade, was shut down for several hours before being reopened. Following similar clashes last month, the crossing was shut down for several days.