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Soggy Soil Can Lead to Uninsured Home Damage

An unattended spigot or soil depression on your home, as well as a graded yard that is not in line with your foundation could all lead to a dripping faucet. to It is soggy soil. Next: Soggy soil to or near your home can cause serious damage that isn’t insured.

There are several issues that can arise from the foundation of your house. to Consider when and where it is. to moisture. We’ll look at four that are not covered by insurance but can cause major damage.

Cracks or cracks in the slab/foundation

Many people are often shocked to hear that a foundation is cracked. to Erdquakes or other catastrophic events. Foundation damage can also be caused by ground moisture. Incorrectly graded or drained yards may cause soil expansion that supports your foundation. The soil can shrink back in dry conditions, causing uneven support. Cracks can occur in your foundation, slab, or interior wall joints.

Wood that is exposed to moisture over time can cause rot, even if it’s on posts with concrete feet. These posts can rot even if they are outdoor-ready. to They will be affected by soggy soil.

Structural damage due to You can insure earthquakes and floods, but not damage from a catastrophic event. to Continued moisture cannot be addressed.

Subsidence or erosion

Subsidence refers to the slow sinking of a land area. Subsidence can occur in two ways: it is as drastic as a sinkhole and subtle as slight depressions in the ground. When soil is compacted due to erosion, it happens. to You may experience moisture loss or your skin becomes brittle from being constantly wet. You may also experience it due to chronically wet conditions. to The placing of large objects such as an air conditioner, or storage units, on wet ground for long periods.

As described previously, subsidence below a house can result in unsupported pockets underneath a foundation slab, pier, or other support structure. Next: Subsidence to A house can create places for water to pool or begin. to You can soak in the basement or the walls.

Also, sogginess may cause erosion. The mud slides off and decreases foundational support. As erosion takes away support, some houses may fall apart.

Interior mold

The porous material concrete, brick and wooden absorb water. If they’re exposed for only a few minutes, like in a thunderstorm, then the material will dry and your interior is safe. However, they can be prohibited to Because moisture is always present, it will dry out and water will eventually seep in. This affects the structure’s frame and potentially even wall boards, floors and furniture sitting against walls.

Moldy or unusual odors are the first sign that owners of this issue may experience, particularly in basements and closets. Mold can take months, or even years to develop. to However, when this happens, renovations might be necessary.


Moisture is a favorite of termites, worms, and rats. Allow water to be taken to You could end up with a whole zoo of bugs if you allow them to crawl on your walls. The damage they do can be severe and nasty — and it’s not covered by insurance.

Solutions to Your home is your most valuable asset

It is important to drain water from the foundation of any structure in order to avoid subsidence, erosion and damage. However, just draining the water a few steps away from the structure, such as most downspouts do, may not suffice. to Protect your home.

Drainage tubes are often used by people to attach to their drains. to downspouts to Route rainwater away from structures towards trees, gardens, parks, sewers and retention ponds. Rainwater distribution into designated areas to Let it happen to A good idea is to also pool your water into the ground and allow it to seep down slowly. to You can refill the aquifers to reduce water runoff from the surface.

It is necessary to to Also, be mindful of your landscaping. Avoid planting trees that require a lot of water near your home. Plant them in the vicinity of swales or floodplains, instead.

Clear gutters of debris and fix leaky fittings. Clear gutters can also help your built-in protection system. to You must keep the moisture at bay.

You can get the best attention. to your home’s exterior, you will avoid all sorts of damage that’s excluded from your homeowners insurance policy.

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