PHNOM PETE: The leader of Cambodia Hun Sen called on unity Sunday. He told a group that includes Russia, China, and the United States, that global tensions are taking their toll on all.
The prime minister of Australia, which holds the rotating Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(Asean), stated at the opening of East Asia Summit that the world is in an interest to collaborate to resolve any differences peacefully.
These remarks come at a time when regional tensions are high between China and America over Taiwan and Beijing’s growing regional aspirations. And while Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global supply chain, causing rises in energy and food prices well beyond Europe.
Hun Sen expressed hope that leaders would embrace all nations, without naming any one nation. “spirit of togetherness in upholding open and inclusive multilateralism, pragmatism and mutual respect in addressing the existential and strategic challenges we all face.”
“Many current challenges and tensions have been hindering our past hard-earned efforts to promote sustainable development and causing greater hardship to people’s lives,” he stated as he opened this meeting, which was being held parallel to Asean’s main summit.
Participants included the US President Joe Biden, and the Chinese Prime Minister. Li KeqiangIt comes just a few days before the highly anticipated meeting between Biden & Chinese President Xi Jinping at Bali’s Group of 20 summit.
Sergey Lavrov, Russian foreign minister was also part of the meetings which also included leaders from Australia and New Zealand, South Korea as well as Japan.
Biden, who promised the US would cooperate with Asean on Saturday, told leaders of the strategically vital coalition that “we’re going to build a better future that we all want to see” In the same region as China, which is trying to expand its influence.
He pledged to work with others to create a region that is “free and open, stable and prosperous, resilient and secure.”
“I look forward to continuing our work together with Asean and with each one of you to deepen peace and prosperity throughout the region to resolve challenges from the South China Sea to Myanmar and to find innovative solutions to shared challenges,” Biden stated that climate and security are two areas where collaboration is possible.
Li Keqiang told Asean, China Japan, South Korea and Japan that there was a “great deal of uncertainty” in the region. “turbulent” Global security situation “unilateralism and protectionism are surging, economic and financial risks are rising, and global development is confronted with unprecedented challenges.”
Li stated that the group must be representative of major East Asian economies. “stay committed to promoting peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region and beyond, and to improving the people’s wellbeing.”