After having spent more than 1 billion dollars on Podcast assets and challenging investor skepticism. Hundreds of podcasting employees laid off. The company also parted ways with its podcasting chief. Spotify is More videoMore consolidation means more names with splashy titles

At the company’s Stream On event in Los Angeles, head of global podcast studios Julie McNamara unveiled new video podcasts that’ll appeal to younger listeners. You can watch video episodes of Distractable Markiplier is a popular YouTuber in gaming. This podcast is ranked at 36 on Spotify’s top podcast chart. Additionally, Spotify Original Forbidden Fruits Julia Fox is going video Its second season was no doubt inspired Calm Her Dad’s viral uncuh jams moment. 

McNamara touted the streamer’s top position with young listeners and sees video You can also use it as an a big Part of it. “Video podcasting is one of the fastest growing areas of podcasting, and we expect that growth to continue,” She said. “Right now, we have 70,000 video creators on the platform and with a lot more on the way.”

Video podcasts These are even better for Spotify’s new homepage, which pulls from TikTok’s playbook. You can scroll through music clips. podcastsAudiobooks, as well. Audio-only podcasts Function in the new feed video podcasts You may find it to be more compatible. 

Spotify is We are also working to make our lives easier. video podcasts on It is a platform. Sign up now! Spotify Podcasters can soon publish video podcastsAnchor users used to have the ability to access the Feature called.

Anchor is a brand that appears to be on the verge of collapse. Spotify Anchor was purchased by the DIY podcast publisher in 2019. It remains top publishing platform on The market. Anchor, despite its strong brand recognition. is To be folded into Spotify Podcasters Get ready for the event. the Anchor app was rebranded as Spotify for Podcasters on Apple and Google’s app stores. This update also includes a website. help.anchor.fmThat link redirects you to Spotify for Podcasters’ help page, as well. Maya Prohovnik (Podcast product head) confirmed the integration of podcasts at the event. She also stated that Megaphone, is The group will be geared toward podcast editors and professionals. Spotify Future podcasters

Spotify is We also work hard to keep you locked up on podcasts. Chief product officer Gustav Söderström said that an autoplay function is Being added to podcastsAfter you’ve finished with an episode, you can find another podcast on the. And it’s bringing more podcasts in the app and partnering with Patreon for users to add shows Patreon creators have made exclusive to their subscribers