The best-selling horror novelist Stephen King You can find new ideas here Twitter Owner Elon Musk We went back-to-back on the social media platform that is crashing this week, despite the exodus from advertisers.

“Pretty soon the only advertiser left on Twitter will be My Pillow,” King A mocking tweet Tuesday was sent by me referring to the bedding business owned by zany “MyPillow Guy” Mike Lindell, still claiming baselessly that the 2020 election is rigged,

Musk Lamely fired back “Oh hi lol. Is My Pillow actually a great pillow? Now I’m curious.”

Advertisers are leaving Twitter in droves because of controversy over increasing misinformation and hate speech — and hijacked accounts — in the wake of Musk’s Twitter takeover last month.

The Washington Post More than a third of Twitter’s top 100 marketers have not posted any advertising on the site in the past two weeks, and that Musk “can’t afford” To lose more.

One of these advertisers, Eli Lilly (pharmaceutical giant), suspended its account following a scandalous Eli Lilly Twitter The account offered free insulin. The profile contained a “verified” Blue checkmark, which Must was sold for $8 per month.

Twitter Now, the possibility of “losing out on millions of dollars in ad revenue,” Amy O’Connor, a former senior communications official at Eli Lilly, told the Post.

“What’s the benefit to a company … of staying on Twitter?” O’Connor asked. “It’s not worth the risk when patient trust and health are on the line.”

The situation for advertiser is only going to get worse. Musk announced Thursday that beginning next week, he’ll allow some accounts that had been suspended for violating Twitter policies “amnesty” To return to the platform.

He said that the relief would be only available to accounts that had not violated laws or been in violation of them. “engaged in egregious spam.”

Musk Donald Trump allowed to go back Twitter last weekend. But the former president hasn’t posted any new tweets.

Musk Polled Twitter users before allowing Trump’s return and the amnesty for other suspended accounts, claiming the majority of respondents favored the moves.