Steve Dietz discusses his new business, Marathon Restorations, and what led to the move.

What sets Marathon Restorations apart from Delaware’s many small contractors and roofing specialists?  Steve Dietz’s background in residential and commercial restorations helps him see beyond the repair itself.  In addition to retail contract work, Steve has decades of experience in dealing with insurance companies, employing options many smaller companies are simply unaware of. This has saved those with insurance claims thousands of dollars, in addition to other benefits.

Steve DietzInspired by Steve’s passion for marathon running, including five Boston Marathons, the marathon metaphor became a guiding business ethic leading to his business name. Steve Dietz embodies businesspeople who get things done and communicate effectively across a global audience. 

For some, venturing into a new business is a rocky road, but for Steve Dietz, it is a path he has conquered repeatedly. His confidence is well-founded. The Marathon family of businesses has a long history in residential and commercial real estate, business consulting, and utility-scale solar development. 

In an interview with The Sunday Review, Steve said, “After launching Marathon Property Solutions in 2004, I expanded as Marathon Business Development Experts in 2010. In an effort to conserve our planet for the next generation, my offerings grew to include Marathon Solar Development in 2015.”

In addressing the impact of the recent global health crisis on the current workforce, he explains that results-oriented, remote work swept across the globe, and put smart leaders to the ultimate test.

Leaders like Steve Dietz are redefining the conventional requirements, making it possible for more people to pursue their dreams. His journey epitomizes his quest to become a pacesetter, and Marathon Restorations is proof of that.  

Marathon provides superior restoration services under Steve’s wise guidance.  Ethics and principles guide the Marathon Certified Installation Process for all roofing and siding projects.

“Our crews are the absolute best!” proclaims Dietz.  “They consistently give their best for our clients.  I make sure they know how grateful I am.  Held to the industry’s highest quality standards, I believe what Richard Branson once stated, ‘Train your people well enough that they can leave, treat them well enough that they stay.’”

As he continues to branch out with Marathon Restorations, Dietz is optimistic that he has chosen the right path. Despite the hardships that come with running a marathon, Dietz takes comfort in the fact that he has finished races before and is looking forward to seeing this one through. 

See Marathon Restorations’ website for the full list of roofing services.