We talked to Mohamed Bodiat, Senior Vice President Brands – Sports GMG to All things #CommitToNothing and Sun & Sand Sports.

Q: DJ Khaled Your latest #CommitToNothing is your star campaign. He was the perfect match.

A: DJ Khaled His larger-than life persona makes him the ideal choice for us campaign This organization aims to make sport enjoyable for all. Grammy winner and champion of the spirit Sun & Sand Sports As a brand, today we want to make sports more accessible for all. and We hope that you enjoy our campaign Encourage people to take action to Try everything, without judgment or pressure. We desire to Redefining their The journey to sports with The assistance of DJ Khaled and His irreverent and You will see the same infectious personality through our photographs campaign Film and visuals.

Q: Did you love working? with DJ Khaled on This campaign? He’s someone the whole world is interested in. Share your thoughts. campaign journey.

A: It’s all about working on This campaign with DJ Khaled It was great fun and It was a wonderful learning experience. His passion is infectious. what He is. and The campaign Is testament to that.

Q: We’d love to hear from you about the #CommitToNothing ad and This is how it was made

A: It campaign Film reflects our mission to make sports enjoyable and to to be an enabler for sports in the region. This is why we created the on The next stage of our mission is: to encourage people to Try different sports and Don’t commit to One.

Q: How did the #CommitToNothing movement react? campaign had?

A: It campaign We received lots of good feedback from all. and This trend is gaining momentum on Multichannels across social media channels, PR and even influencers. We’re very happy with The response and Truly believe this is only the beginning to Sport can be fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Q: Let’s see how it can be done. Sun & Sand Sports Help people interested in new sports.

A: We are a leading brand in the sport industry within the region. to Let’s help them find! what They can choose to love different sports or not. We all want the same thing. to Eliminate the fear and intimidation people feel about it to sport and It can be replaced with pure joy. It’s pure joy. Sun & Sand SportsThere are many brands to choose from with Apparel and Equipment to Anybody in need of assistance their The journey of sport. You are invited to join us. with We have the perfect product and the right people in our store to guide you closer on The journey to sports.

Q: What a wide range of sports are there? Sun & Sand Sports stock?

A: Sun & Sand Sports It houses numerous brands such as Nike, adidas, Puma and Under Armour. and Many more. The best suits are available. and All your sports equipment can be purchased in any one of the local stores or online at www.sssports.com

Q: What is important about it? to Make sports enjoyable and How do you? Sun & Sand Sports This is possible

A: The years have passed without a trace. Sun & Sand Sports It evolved from the focus on pure performance to It is important to have a brand that can make sport fun for everyone. to us. We have done extensive research. on The topic quickly became a hot topic. We learned that many kids quit sport because they feel too pressured. This became the focus of all our efforts. to Restore the joy of sports, giving birth to to Our new #FUNTOTHEFINISH narrative.

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Q: Discuss the TikTok Hashtag Contest

A: The TikTok Hashtag challenge is an encouragement for everyone to Capture their The journey to sports and being yourself, even when that requires trying new sports to Find the right one, whether it fits perfectly or not. to Approaching any sport requires courage. to try. Live challenge on 31 January Stay tuned

Q:  2023: What is it? Sun & Sand Sports Are you a brand?

A: In this year’s goal: to Continue to Break through the boundaries of sport by being bold and Thought-provoking campaign that inspires people to reimagine their The journey to sports.