WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court Temporarily, it is blocking an order to lift restrictions on asylum seekers from the pandemic-era. However, it leaves open the possibility of lifting these restrictions by Wednesday.

As conservative states push to preserve the restrictions on asylum seekers that were in place at the time of the coronavirus epidemic, Chief Justice John Roberts issued Monday’s directive. They appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court In a desperate effort to save the limit,

Roberts issued a one-page ruling and requested that the government respond no later than Tuesday at 5 p.m. This is only hours before Wednesday’s deadline for the restriction to end.

Roberts has given the order that this high-profile case which was the subject of intense scrutiny will continue to the wire.

Title 42 (or immigration restrictions) was established by then-President Donald Trump on March 20, 2020. These have kept hundreds of thousands from applying for asylum in the U.S. over recent years. But as they’re set to expire, thousands more migrants are packed in shelters on Mexico’s border with the U.S.

Title 42 is being used by immigration advocates to prevent people from applying for asylum. They claim that this policy violates international and American obligations towards refugees seeking refuge in the United States. And they’ve argued that things like vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus have made the policy outdated.

To conservative states, lifting Title 42 would lead to an influx of migrants in their states. This will also impact government services like law enforcement and health care. A number of them also claim that there is no federal plan to address an increase in the number of migrants.