Police said that the driver who was accused of driving his SUV through a street carnival left many people injured and was charged with a felony.

According to The Post, Steven Weems (23-year-old from Mississippi) was arrested Saturday night and charged for a felony hit and run. He’s in custody on $50,000 bail, the LAPD said.

Authorities say seven people sustained minor injuries after Weems fled police in a white Porsche Cayenne from officers trying to pull him over for traffic violations at 8:20 p.m.

The flashy car crashed into a cement rail and into the carnival in the city’s historic South Central area where about 2,000 people were enjoying the event, authorities said.

“It is a blessing that no one actually got severely injured,” police Sgt. Robert Leary told the Los Angeles Times. “It was quite hectic, so I think people saw this car coming in and thankfully they got out of the way in time.”

Police said that the vehicle was found three blocks away from the accident scene. according to ABC 7.

Weems was taken into custody around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, and booked early Sunday morning, police stated. 

With Post wires