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Taiwan’s military Plans were released Tuesday to allow women to volunteer for reserve force training This is the first time that it has been done. as China Continue to Boost your productivity military Pressure on democratically self-ruled islands

According to the Taiwanese Defense Ministry, it would allow 220 Female soldiers who were killed in action to Register for the training This year, the first quarter will be the most important.

Maj. Gen. Yu Wen-cheng, from the ministry’s All-Out Defense Mobilization Agency, said the move would be on a trial basis for this year.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has previously said it only trained male reservists because it did not have sufficient capacity to You can accommodate both genders.

Taiwanese legislators had stated that they would exclude women Starting at reserve training Amount to gender discrimination.

This December Taiwan Announced that they will prolong the period of obligatory military Conscription available for eligible men starting at four months to The requirement applies to a calendar year that begins in 2024. to men born after 2005.

Taiwan It has been a military force approximately 170,000 employees, mostly volunteers. training Annually, approximately 120,000 Reservists are employed according to to The CIA World Factbook.

Age 18 for males to 36 must either volunteer to Serve in the military Or, perform a mandatory period in the reserve.

Once discharged, men are subject to training Over eight years, recalls were made on four occasions.

In 2021 women 15% Taiwan’s militaryAccording to the CIA Factbook, they are mostly non-combat positions.