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Three British men They were detained by Taliban The Presidium Network non-profit organization has identified Afghanistan as the most populous country in Afghanistan.

UK Non-Profit which “provides support to communities in crisis” They tweeted that Saturday they had been in touch with two families who were detained. men “in support of finding a resolution and release for the detainees.”

The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office is working to contact the detained British They said that they support their family members and nationals.

Scott Richards was co-founder and president of Presidium Network. He claimed that the Presidium Network had taken him into custody. three men It is “ultimately the extension of a misunderstanding.”

During an interview with UK’s private Sky Network, Richards said the organization has spoken with multiple witnesses to the events and believes that the General Directorate of Intelligence, the national intelligence, security, and spy agency under the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, “reacted to a tip regarding weapons stored in the premises.”

“That weapon was licensed. And we believe that during the course of the search, the license may have been separated from the weapon,” Richards also added.

If the answer is yes, men Richards stated that they were in excellent health. “We do believe they’re in good health and being well treated. We have no reason to believe they’ve been subjected to the sort of any negative treatment such as torture.”

They were made amid a crackdown against those who advocate for education of Afghan women. British Investigations are underway into the activities of Afghanistan’s Armed Forces.