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If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, which is those pesky dark spots on your skin, then dark circles and acne marks can occur. and the like, sometimes concealer isn’t enough. To really hide imperfections — if you so choose — you need to color correct. That’s where Tarte’s new Shape Tape Color Correctors You can come in. You’ve got the creamy, ultra-pigmented formula you know and Love from Shape TapeYou can use the colors to correct any spot. Here’s how you use ’em.

Before you apply your regular concealer, choose the color corrector that’ll work for your imperfection. This is an important step. The rest will be easy if you’re familiar with the application of concealer. There’s Pink to brighten dark spots (for all skin tones), Yellow to brighten and All skin types, neutralize mild rougeness and Pimples, All Skin Tones and Discoloration in fair-to medium skin tones, Orange for the same effect on deep-tomedium skin colors and Deep skin tones will get the same darkening effect as red.

Tarte White was also used to create a custom-made shade. and Black can add depth and dimension to any color.

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Once you’ve got the color (or colors) that’ll work for you, apply a little to your under eye circles or dark spot and Let it rest for one minute. Top it with your usual concealer and you’ll be shocked at how well the area just disappears. And you don’t have to worry about the concealer getting cakey with all the layering. Shape Tape Color Corrector uses hyaluronic acids and Nutritive shea and Use mango butters in the region to maintain good health. Buy yours today QVC now They must be launched before they can be used Tarte’s website.

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