Although we have many favourite celebrity couples, we particularly love this couple. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome. The “Twilight” The nurse was first dated by the actor in 2018. They were together three years before they got married in November 2021. and One year later, they were married. Over the years, Lautner and Dome We have only seen glimpses of their romance on social media. They have not made many public appearances. However, when they do appear together on Instagram, the stars are smiling and hugging. and Giving each other the most sincere heart eyes.

Take into account LautnerAccording to some reports,’s relationship history also includes A-listers like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, perhaps you are wondering how he met Selena Gomez Dome and Their relationship blossomed throughout the years. This is what you need to know: Dome It was a tremendous success. “Twilight” Like many of us, fan. In a June 2022 Instagram video, Dome Even her confessions reveal that she had a crush on Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), from the movies. LautnerJacob Black was played by adorably by Judith Black. DomeComment on’s video “bout time I won something,” Refer to Edward and Jacob’s love triangle (Kristen Stewart), with Bella Swan (Jacob) is a constant throughout the franchise.

Lautner and DomeThe relationship timeline of’is so adorable. Continue reading for their greatest moments together.