Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham weren’t enough to save “ Expend4bles ” From a debut box office flop. The fourth installment suffered the action-packed franchise’s worst opening weekend while “ The Nun 2 ” The top spot is yours for Comscore announced on Sunday that it had recorded a third week in a row of positive growth.

The Lionsgate and Millennium’s film, also known as “Expendables 4,” A mediocre 8.3 million dollars was the total revenue for The big-budget film. It featured several well-known names including Stallone Statham Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox and Dolph Lundgren. It’s been nearly a decade since the franchise released a film, which opened with $15.8 million and Eventually, the company grossed $214 millions globally.

It is clear that times have changed. as The film was a close second. “The Nun 2,” A horror movie which earned $8.4m in its opening week. It’s been a solid start for that Warner Bros.’ project — a spinoff from the lucrative “Conjuring” franchise. Michael Chaves’ sequel has earned more than $69 Million so far.

“It’s a star-studded franchise, but horror is a different situation,” Paul Dergarabedian is a senior media analyst for Comscore. “It just seems no matter what if you’re scared in the movie theater a couple times in an hour and a half or two, that’s worth the price of admission.”

Thirdly, “ A Haunting in Venice ” The film grossed $6.3 Million. Kenneth Branagh’s third Agatha Christie adaptation, following 2017’s “Murder on the Orient Express” and 2022’s “Death on the Nile,” The first two weeks of the campaign have brought in more than $25.3 Million.

“ The Equalizer 3,” Denzel Washington’s film only fell to the fourth position with $4.725 millions. In just four weeks it has made $81.1m domestically.

“ Barbie,” The Greta Gerwig movie is still on the rise from summer to fall. The Greta Gerwig box-office This week, Smash was ranked as one of the top five grossing games with $3.2 million. and A total of over $630 million in the United States after 10 weeks.

Sixth Place went to “ My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” The amount is $3,000,000. “It Lives Inside” The Sony film “The Interview” opened with $2.6 Million in its first week. The Sony film “ Dumb Money,” The eighth spot was occupied by a dramatic presentation of the GameStop Stock Frenzy. for A second consecutive week with $2.5 Million.

“Blue Beetle” The ninth-place finisher with $1.8 Million is… and “ Oppenheimer ” With $1.6 million, the film rounded out top 10. Christopher Nolan’s film has earned $321 million in domestic sales.

Overall, this was another low-quality output for box office The following are some examples of the use of figures as The ongoing Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television dispute has put many Hollywood projects on hold. and Radio Artists, and Writers Guild of America strike.

Dergarabedian reported that this weekend’s gross was the lowest since December 9, 2022. This was the first weekend since Feb. 10, 2023 that a film did not earn more than $10 million.

But Dergarabedian said a “spectacular October” There could be a release date for the highly anticipated “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Concert films “The Exorcist: Believer” and “Saw X.”

“Things are going to change next week or the weeks after when Taylor Swift hits the multiplex,” He said. “This is the natural ebbs and flow of the box office. That means one thing: We’ll be back to normal.”


Estimated ticket sales for Weekends in the U.S. and Comscore has released the latest figures on Canadian theatres. The final domestic figures will be announced on Monday.

1. “The Nun II,” $8.4 million.

2. “Expend4bles,” $8.3 million.

3. “A Haunting in Venice,” $6.3 million.

4. “The Equalizer 3,” $4.7 million.

5. “Barbie,” $3.2 million.

6. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,” $3 million.

7. “It Lives Inside,” 2.6 million.

8. “Dumb Money,” $2.5 million.

9. “Blue Beetle,” $1.8 million.

10. “Oppenheimer,” $1.6 million.