“Not only are tech companies laying people off in unprecedented numbers, but they are also implementing hiring freezes,” She said: “and thus, there are likely few alternative jobs for immigrant workers.”

Mr. Jain, who was fired from Microsoft, has now become an independent contractor. in October is one of tens, if not thousands, of Indian engineers that have worked for years creating software for companies such as Cisco and Meta. Many foreign workers are sponsored by their employers to obtain permanent U.S. residency because of their critical role and the lack of STEM-degreed Americans.

While parked in The backlog of approvals, the immigrants have built lives in United States: They’ve had American children, taken out loans and become rooted in They are part of their communities.

The majority of them are working on H-1Bs (high-skilled workers visas). There are more than 500,000 of them. in United States visas: The largest number from India is followed closely by China. in Science and technology fields

As the U.S. economy becomes more dependent on technology, so has the demand for such talent. The number of tech workers has increased by 80% between 2000 and 2019. in The United States increased its GDP by 44 percent to 10.8 million to 7.5 million Many people receive six-figure salaries to learn programming and coding skills.

Nearly a quarter of all STEM workers are foreign-born as of 2019. in Up from 16 percent in The year 2000 according to to American Immigration Council’s analysis of census data.

Visa holders are concentrated in California is home to Twitter, Meta and Apple in Washington, the home to Amazon, Microsoft Zillow, Expedia and Zillow. They are, however, also in Arkansas is one of the many states that work at Tyson’s headquarters as a poultry processor. to Walmart has the ability to improve productivity and efficiency. to Systems for self-checkouts