Teddi Mellencamp appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Live Streaming: See What Happens With her famous father John MellencampShe opened up about her relationship with former husband, David. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Castmate Lisa Vanderpump.

Before revealing if she believes there’s hope for a reconciliation between Vanderpump and Kyle RichardsHere is a detailed account of her drama with Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow, and shaming the RHOBH cast for their behavior at the season 12 reunion, Teddi reacted to a fan who wanted to know if she had she texted Vanderpump since they “made amends” over puppy gate and questioned her about Vanderpump and Kyle’The future.

“Um, I don’t necessarily say we made amends. We made peace that we don’t need to talk about it anymore. We moved past that discussion,” Teddi This was clarified on the November 27, episode of The WWHL: After Show.

In regards to Kyle, Lisa, she said the fan. “I feel like if they actually were together they probably could. I think Kyle’s pretty easy to forgive in general.”

Live broadcast on WWHLAnswering another question from a fan Teddi She confirmed that she was able to spend time with Vicki after BravoCon RHOC An alum allegedly tried to fire her. Tamra Judge‘s Two Ts in a Pod podcast, declared she didn’You will like her.

“I did and I have a new appreciation for her because I felt her vulnerability and almost insecurity at certain things at BravoCon,” Teddi revealed. “Even though she’ll publicly talk poorly about me… There was a moment when she looked at me, and she was like, ‘I feel alone right here.’ And I was like, ‘I got you.’ … I get where she’s feeling. And if she feels a little insecure about the Tamra relationship, it is what it is.”

Teddi was then asked for her thoughts on the October sale of Heather’s $55 million mansion in Orange County, which has prompted speculation about her potential role on RHOBH.

“She cornered me on an airplane so since then, I wish her the best and congratulations,” Teddi Described their past incidents before.

“On the way to BravoCon, all of the sudden I see her walking in. I knew she already had issues with me cuz of Tamra, stuff I’ve said on the pod, and all the sudden she walks up and I’m like, [yikes], and she just went for it,” Teddi recalled.

Looking back at the RHOBH Season 12 reunion aired last month Teddi She acknowledged being disappointed by her former stars.

“It broke my heart as [Kyle’s] friend but also watching as a viewer, I was watching the rest of the girls kinda play to the audience vs their friend who was breaking down and I don’t like that,” She stated.

Und so for Kathy Hilton‘s claim that Lisa Rinna Is the “biggest bully in Hollywood,” Teddi disagreed.

“I think Harvey Weinstein is,” she detailed.

While Andy Cohen This suggestion is made Teddi You may have been afraid of awkward encounters with the Real Housewives she’s discussed on her podcast at BravoCon, Teddi said they didn’t happen.

“People just ran to me cuz they’re hoping that I’m just gonna leak something to get them in a better light,” she explained, admitting that she’s “absolutely” She can be hypocritical at times on her show.

“Of course I’m a total hypocrite,” She confessed that she held her friends to different standards.

John also explained why he was annoyed by John during the program. Teddi Weeping RHOBH.

“I know Teddi and she doesn’t really cry,” he shared, further saying that she’s “always been dramatic.”

“I’ll tell you a funny story. It’s good,” He continued. “We were playing basketball at my house one day and Teddi was probably about, I don’t know, 10, 11 (Teddi says seven). It was all big guys playing but she wanted to play so she was playing. She was always falling down, ‘Dad. I’m hurt.’ And it’s like, ‘Get up. If you’re gonna play, play. If you’re gonna piss and moan then just don’t play.’ So anyway, the game gets over and Teddi’s laying there and she’s going, ‘Dad, I’m really hurt.’ And I go, ’Teddi. Just get up. Let’s go.’ And somebody looked and me and said, ‘Aren’t you gonna go pick your daughter up?’ And I go, ‘No.’ So we walked up to the house and I said, ‘Watch.’ And we sit and watch and all the sudden she realizes nobody’s watching her. She just gets up, stops the fake crying, and walks in the house.”

“So any questions you have about me and the way that I am are answered right here,” Teddi replied.

Teddi Then, she shared an update on her melanoma status and confirmed that she would be having another surgery on November 30,

“I am doing pretty good. I would say there’s highs and lows and the biggest thing for me is being able to be vulnerable and talk about it with other people and say, ‘Go get checked. You guys, go get checked,’” She said. “Everybody overlooks skin cancer.”