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Teresa Giudice doesn’t think it was “foul” The following are some examples of how to use Margaret Josephs‘ ex-BFF, Laura Marasca JensenTo reach out and touch her Jennifer Aydin About a false cheating story targeting Melissa Gorga Due to production, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13

When looking at the communication they had with Laura (who has been reportedly turned down on numerous occasions for this show), Teresa Margaret attacked them for their engagement, while Aydin and Margaret both defended it. “dopes” The rest of the cast also weighed in.

“I mean, it’s absolutely ridiculous. She goes to Teresa and Jennifer to try and ruin me and these girls fall right into it,” Margaret explained in the episode of April 11, RHONJ: After ShowSlamming Teresa The following are some examples of how to get started: Jennifer As well as “dopes.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer Fessler Admitted she was totally “grossed out” Laura is reaching out by email Teresa Aydin, to get them to spread the rumor of Melissa cheating her husband Joe Gorga — all while naming Margaret as her source.

“She knew what she was doing. It was going to surface. And did she think that wasn’t gonna hurt Melissa? So not only are you attacking your ex-best friend, but you’re also taking down people that have never done anything to you and who you don’t know,” Fessler noted.

And Jackie Goldschneider pointed out that when you’re in the spotlight, there’s “always somebody waiting to talk in your past.”

“You don’t engage with it. [Luis Ruelas has] 400 exes who want to talk to us. Like, you don’t engage with it. You just don’t,” She stated.

Aydin is also a good example “intrigued” It is not a good idea.

“This woman was trying to get in touch with us for months. She was DMing me. I don’t follow her. I didn’t see her DM. She went to her stylist who’s Teresa’s stylist, got the message to Teresa, Teresa called me, and she came to my house. This woman told us that we needed to hear what she had to say. This is not us going digging,” Aydin insisted. “This is her coming to us and I was intrigued.”

The same as Teresa, she wanted to hear what Laura had to say since Margaret had been communicating with Luis’ exes.

“That’s why she was putting those negative narratives out there,” Teresa explained. “I just wanted to be confirmed, and Laura confirmed it to me. She was hanging out with Margaret while she was reading DMs from Luis’ ex. And I didn’t want to hear other stuff, but then she was telling us other stuff.”

Aydin reveals what Aydin said. “She told us that she heard about the Jackie and Evan rumor way before Teresa even brought it to light, that she had heard that from Margaret. That was the first thing she said. And she was saying that Margaret stays up to 3, 4 in the morning and Joe’s always yelling at her like, ‘Get off that iPad.’”

“She said she contacted people in West Chester to find out the infidelity that happened with Bill,” Teresa added. “She said she talks about [Dolores Catania] too.”

The producer then asked Teresa If it were “foul” Laura’s willingness to help others, Teresa replied, “No, it’s not. Not if you f-ck your best friend.”

But Dolores wasn’t so sure Margaret did “f-ck” Laura.

“How did she f-ck her though? [Jennifer Aydin] said that she didn’t do anything so egregious to her that she understood what this all was about,” Dolores noted.

“She said, I don’t, it was Christmas something…?” Teresa replied as Fessler confirmed there was a falling out over a Christmas snub.

“Laura’s gone through something with her family, and she spends Christmas alone, and after she went through something with her family, Margaret said to her, ‘As God as my witness,’ type of thing, ‘you will never be alone on Christmas.’ And PS, she was alone on Christmas,” Aydin explained.

Still, Fessler doesn’t understand why Laura went “so postal.”

On the other hand, RHONJ After ShowJackie expressed her hope that Aydin will be punished by karma.

“I hope that Jennifer is spilling all of her darkest secrets to Laura right now because when Jen and Laura fall apart, Laura will start making calls and throw Jen under the bus,” Jackie said.

Then, after Fessler said she doesn’t think anyone is spilling their secrets to Laura anymore, Jackie said, “You’d be surprised.”

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