Teresa Giudice She revealed the reasons she was at peace with Margaret Josephs on The latest episode of her podcast on Wednesday.

You can give your approval by Margaret’s past feud with Danielle StaubDanielle was seen pulling a sash at the end of this episode. Margaret’s hair amid season 10 after Margaret took aim at her failed relationships and poured water over her head, the Real New Jersey Housewives A cast member explained why she felt it important to make amends to her castmate.

“I was like, ‘Wow, if Margaret could do that to Danielle, it just scared me,’” Teresa began as she looked back on Margaret’Danielle in drama on Episode 22 of Namaste B$tches. “It just showed me what type of person she really is.”

Still, despite Margaret’s actions against Danielle, Teresa They had hoped that they would end their feud by the beginning of filming RHONJ Season 13 in last year.

“Listen, I want peace with her, not because I’m scared of her. I made peace with her because I was in a happy place in my life. I wanted to invite everyone to the wedding that was in our circle,” She explained.

As RHONJ Fans are well aware of this fact Teresa Her wedding was in the planning stages. Luis Ruelas The season was a success. As the season ended, Luis and she said “I do” New Jersey: They were surrounded in New Jersey by their loved ones and their friends. Real The Housewives Other cities

It was so, that it finally came to Margaret, Teresa She hoped to find a place where she could feel at ease with her. It was clear that she regretted their fight over season 12. Margaret’s mentioning of negative rumors about Luis.

“The reason why I said, ‘sorry,’ to her was because I got physical with her,” Teresa stated. “I threw everything on the table on her.”

Those are my thoughts. Teresa It should be noted Margaret didn’t return the favor.

“Everybody’s like, ‘Well she didn’t apologize to you. She should apologize to you because of everything she did to you.’ And that’s on her,” She shared. “I did it for me and I wanted to make it good because I was like, ‘I shouldn’t have reacted that way.’”

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