Teresa Giudice isn’t happy about Melissa Gorga questioning her daughters’ roles on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

An update must be made before it can be offered. on her daughters’ relationships with their Gorga cousins and agreeing with daughter Gia Giudice This Joe Gorga‘s recent reunion with Joe Giudice, which he shared on Instagram, was “opportunistic,” Teresa denied Melissa’Food claims that they can put food in the oven on She stated that she would be the one to feed her family if they were in jail.

“The girls are on the show because they’ve been on there since they’re, Gia was 7, [Milania Giudice] was 3, [Gabriella Giudice] was 4 and [Audriana Giudice] was born on the show,” Teresa Detailed explanation on the February 28 episode of Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap. “And they made them part of it by saying they put food on our table, which they didn’t.”

According to TeresaMelissa Joe Because they were filmed, you can believe it. Teresa You can check in at Checks In While she was in prison, her children were able maintain their lives. But Teresa disagrees.

“If anything, we put food on their table … Let’s get that straight,” Teresa clarified.

Looking back Teresa Melissa’s only motivation to be there Joe They wanted to film the special so they did. on camera — not because they were “doing a favor or doing something nice.”

“My brother came to see me one time and guess why? The cameras were rolling. He got paid for it,” Elle revealed. “I’m getting the chills out of saying that because that’s heart-wrenching. He came to see me one time.”

“The past 10 years, it’s been heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak and I’m done,” Elle continued.

While Teresa has expressed interest in her children staying in touch with the Gorgas’ kids, she confirmed they haven’t seen one another recently.

“I know Milania and Antonia SnapChat each other and I don’t know if Gia Snapchats with Antonia or Gabrielle. But the closest ones are Milania and Antonia,” She shared. “There’s 11 granddaughters, including my daughters, on [Joe Giudice]’s side … They all see each other. They’re always seeing Joe’s family even though I don’t talk to them or I don’t hang out with them.”

“That’s the way it should be,” Teresa added.

For more information, see Joe Gorga’s reunion with Joe Giudice in the Bahamas, which Melissa recently insisted wasn’t staged, Teresa Gia agreed with her older daughter’s sentiments and described the experience as “stupid”. “comical,” stating that her uncle wasn’t even with her dad for five minutes.

“All you have done is talked so poorly about my father. You are such an opportunist to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to see my father and use it for a post,” Gia had written.

As a result, Teresa said, “It was [opportunistic].”

She shared additional details regarding their relationship.

“I had told my ex I heard they were there because my girlfriend was on the same plane. So I warned my ex. I’m like, ‘You’re probably gonna see them.’ If you go to Bahamas, [and you] go to Baha Mar, Joe, Juicy Joe is there. He’s there. That’s his hangout spot,” Elle revealed.

Teresa It was then observed that Joe Giudice He had no idea that he would be filmed.

“He didn’t know he was being videoed,” Elle confirmed. “He told me, ‘Teresa, we saw each other for two minutes then someone else walked in and then they scattered.’ Because it was the girl that was on the plane with them and Melissa didn’t want to see her.”

Where? Teresa Then, when she was asked to explain why the video was uploaded, she answered, “Ask my brother.”

“I think he told somebody that he got 10 million views on it. Oh okay, so opportunist,” She stated. “You first talk about him and say nasty things about him but then you post a video with him? It doesn’t make sense.”

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