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Teresa Giudice Slammed Rachel Fuda as “calculated” after she questioned her about her children’s relationships with Melissa Gorga‘s kids on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Melissa was defending her daughter. Antonia GorgaWho Teresa Calling out a mother for missing her daughter’s Sweet 16 Party Milania Giudice, Teresa What is the reason? Rachel would ask her such a question when she’s as Click here to close as Melissa is her name.

“That was so calculated. I shouldn’t have even answered that question,” Teresa The episode of April 18, 2019 began with the admission. RHONJ: After Show. “Why would she ask me if our kids are close and not ask Melissa that she’s really close with? Rachel, she already knows the answer to that, and she could’ve asked Melissa that question instead of asking Teresa, her sister-in-law.”

“I think it was a silly thing to ask,” You can agree to this by clicking here. Dolores Catania.

Then, according to RachelShe was being “curious” as She was trying to learn about him Teresa on a deeper level.

“I was just kinda curious, like, ‘What’s that relationship look like?’ We’re having a deep conversation, like, getting to know each other, being like, honest, vulnerable, and I just asked the question,” She explained. “If I had any inkling that I thought it was going to hurt [their] relationship more, I would’ve never asked it.”

“I know,” Melissa replied. “I don’t think you asked purposefully. I looked at her before she could really say it and told her not to go there. Don’t drag our kids into it. Pick on me. There’s no reason to pick on Antonia.”

Back in time Rachel Admit it once Teresa said Antonia’s name, she knew drama would ensue.

“I was like, ‘F-ck. Stop. Pause right there,’” She recalled as Jackie Goldschneider It was a moment of truth “one of the most uncomfortable moments [she’s] had in housewife history.”

“We were all like, ‘Ix Nay. Nope. Don’t do it. Don’t go there.’ I was like, ‘I don’t get it. What is she doing? Stop,’” Jennifer Fessler agreed.

The following is a list of the most popular ways to contact us Teresa’s comments sparked a spat with Melissa, she doesn’t regret her words.

“I just said that Milania was really hurt that Antonia didn’t go to her sweet 16. Why are you so bothered by it? It’s the truth. Does the truth hurt?” She was curious. “I could see Anotnia not going to [Gabriella Giudice]’s sweet 16, but Milania, they’re super close. Like, Milania was so hurt that Antonia didn’t go to hers. Milania went to hers and celebrated with her and was so happy for her. I was shocked. I was totally shocked.”

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“I will say that being friends with Teresa when this was all happening was something she was venting to me about,” She revealed. “She was disappointed about it. ‘Milania had her sweet 16. How was it?’ ‘It was great. The only this is, Antonia, didn’t end up coming.’”

Dolores said she got upset when Dolores told her that “very nervous when kids are brought up” “They said” “should be left out” Drama, Teresa Insisted “nothing was said bad.”

“I just said Antonia didn’t go to Milania’s [sweet 16],” She stated.

“But then you and Melissa disagreed about it,” Dolores did not hesitate to point out.

“There’s nothing to disagree. Her daughter did not come to her cousin’s sweet 16,” Teresa Clapped Back

Meanwhile, Melissa said she didn’t appreciate Teresa’s tone and suggested she was trying to make Antonia look like she didn’t care about family.

“It wasn’t like, ‘I want them to spend more time.’ It was like, ‘Well, you know, cuz Antonia.’ It wasn’t the right tone,” Melissa explained. “It is what she said too. Like, if I held them accountable for every time they didn’t show up to something, what am I trying to do? Make Teresa look bad? Make the girls look bad as if they don’t care about family? I don’t get what I’d be trying to do by doing that.”

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“Melissa should take it up with her friend Rachel for asking me if our kids are close. That’s what Melissa should do,” Teresa declared. “Why doesn’t she take it up with Rachel? She takes it up with her sister-in-law and causes another problem.”

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