Teresa Giudice admitted there are things she doesn’t like about The Real Housewives of New Jersey Check out an episode of her podcast.

BefOre answering a question from a fan, who wanted to know if she’d prefer a return from Caroline Manzo or Danielle Staub, talking about her new inlaws and explaining why she joined Dancing With the Stars, Teresa According to her, RHONJ To be childish.

“I don’t like how our show is so.. sides. It’s so, like, high school-ish,” On an episode of Namaste B$tches. “I don’t like how Jersey is because it seems like… pick a side. And it’s like, I think you should be kind to everyone and then make your decision based on if you click with that person or not.”

Production has been completed for the 13th season and it is expected that the series will start airing in the months ahead. Teresa She discussed a variety of casting possibilities, including Caroline’s potential return. Danielle would prefer Caroline.

“Oh my God. It doesn’t even go. She doesn’t even go with us,” Teresa It was at that thought.

“And the thing is,” In a gesture of nod, she continued. Melissa Gorga, “people that don’t like me are gonna say, ‘Yes! Bring her on. Yes!’ It’s like, please, I’m gonna laugh at that.”

Then, directly shade Melissa. Teresa said that she’d rather film with “neither” Caroline, nor Melissa.

Where does she stand with Danielle? Teresa They have confirmed that they are not currently in contact.

“I don’t get the last time, how she threw me under the bus when I’m the one that brought her back,” Teresa Danielle told Danielle that she had called her out for encouraging her to pull. Margaret Josephs‘ hair on season 10.

“The reason why I wanted to bring her back and why I did yoga with her, because I was away, in jail and in camp, when I was away, and when I came home, I was a single mom, so I felt bad for her because her job was taken away from her and I just wanted her to know that that wasn’t my doing,” Teresa continued. “[And] she went against me, again, for no reason, and then she’s the one that lost her job.”

Now, it’s years later Teresa Is “not really” Let’s make amends and get on board.

“I think I’ve tried. I just got disappointed the last time,” She made the observation.

While Teresa Melissa is still with her brother and sister. Joe Gorga, she’s in a great place with the family of her new husband, Luis Ruelas.

“They are so amazing. I love my father-in-law. I love my mother-in-law. They’re the in-laws I’ve always wanted,” She giggled. “They’re beautiful people, and I adore them. And I thank Luis’ mom all the time for raising such an amazing son, and the father also, both of them.”

Concerning her brief, but fleeting stint on DWTS, Teresa “She had,” she said. “so much fun.”

“The reason why I decided to do this is I wanna show everyone out there that it’s never too late to do anything in life. I’ve always wanted to be a dancer since I was little,” She shared her secrets. “So I [gave] it my all. I [didn’t] want to let people down. I [didn’t] want to let my fans down, I [didn’t] wanna let my daughter down. Even [Audrianna Giudice] this week, she [was] like, ‘Mommy, make sure you do good.’”

Unfortunately, Teresa During week 2, she was eliminated. But, she had to endure an emotional moment before she was eliminated. as She prepared for Elvis week.

“I actually even cried… because it was about Elvis and I remember growing up, watching Elvis with my parents and then also when my dad lived with me, Elvis movies would come on once in a while, so that’s what made me get emotional over it,” She shared.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Bravo will air season 13 later in the year or early next.