Heater Dubrow The husband Dr. Terry Dubrow Over the weekend, there were rumors about a restaurant dispute. People have since used social media to address the allegations.

After the Real Housewives of Orange County Cast member was accused of waving her finger and belittling her plastic surgeon husband at A Restaurant in Newport Beach. Terry They shared their story on Instagram Story.

“Wow apparently breaking news… Honey, what is it?” Heather Ask Terry He showed her a screenshot from the report in a shared video. Instagram Story.

“You were wagging your finger at me because we got into a heated argument because we couldn’t get a table at a restaurant last night,” Terry replied. “It was last night. Remember we went to Javier’s and had dinner and we went to A’s for a drink and you wagged your finger at me?”

According to HeatherHer and she RHOC castmates had just finished the opening title shoot for the 17th season of their Bravo reality show when they went for dinner at Javier’s.

“And you wore your frustration on your face. I took the brunt of it. She even ‘wagged her finger in his face, which didn’t go unnoticed by patrons,’” Terry He continued reading the report.

RHOC Heather Dubrow and husband Terry Address Alleged Restaurant Dispute

“So the question is, could everyone realize this is nonsense or is this gonna incite it further?” Heather Wondered in a second video.

“The bad news is you were wagging your finger at me because we couldn’t get a table,” Terry replied. Heather He was then reminded of the following: “We had already eaten.”

“But the good news is apparently we’re quite fashionable,” Terry It went on.

The video was then ended. Heather “She was,” she said. “sorry” She allegedly berated Terry He was given a kiss.

In the meantime, let’s have a little fun. Terry said, “How dare you do that to me?”

Sunday Bravo Housewives Instagram shared a report by Radar OnlineThis shared information about Heather Terry’s supposed restaurant spat.

“Heather Dubrow’s onscreen drama with her co-stars is seeping into her everyday life. The Real Housewives of Orange County star was spotted arguing with her husband, Dr. Terry Durbow, and putting her finger in his face at a fancy restaurant, and RadarOnline.com has exclusive photos of the intense showdown,” They shared. “We’re told the incident happened at A Restaurant in Crystal Cove on Saturday around 8 PM. Sources claim Heather, 53, and Terry, 64, were fighting because they couldn’t get a seat at the local-favorite restaurant by River Jetty Restaurant Group.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo will air season 17 sometime in 2023.