Tesla driver This was killed A passenger sustained serious injuries Saturday after the accident. car Plowed into A fire truck This was done to park. on Northern California’s freeway is designed to protect against a crew Clearance another accident, fire Officials stated.

The firefighters were joined by four others. truck When it was struck on Tracie Dutter assistant chief, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, stated that minor injuries were treated at Interstate 680.

It driver Dutter stated that Dutter declared Dutter dead on the spot. The car The passenger had to be removed from the vehicle.

Photographs show the front end car The $1.4 million ladder was destroyed truck The damage was done.

California Highway Patrol Officer Adam Lane stated that it wasn’t clear if the driver may be intoxicated, or Tesla Model S could be operated with driving assist features or automated controls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating how Tesla’s Autopilot system detects and responds to emergency vehicles parked on highways. Minimum 14 Teslas were involved in crashes into When the system is used, emergency vehicles can use it.

Dutter claimed that truck It had its lights on And was parked diagonally on Northbound lanes on the freeway are provided to responders who were notified of an earlier accident. accident This did not cause any injuries.

It is fatal accident The incident occurred at around 4:40 a.m. and the road was cleared in several hours. It had to be taken away.

Model S was one of the almost 363,000 cars Tesla Recamed on Thursday due to potential flaws “Full Self-Driving” system. The recall is intended to correct potential problems with intersections and speed limits. However, the U.S. safety regulators are also investigating. into Tesla’s automated driving systems.

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