At the beginning of this year, a unionization campaign was launched Tesla’s second Gigafactory in upstate New York, as reported by Bloomberg News. The intention was submitted by workers at Buffalo’s plant to unionize Workers United has supported widespread organizing labor efforts by Starbucks employees. The report states that the effort began in a Starbucks just a few minutes from their headquarters. Tesla plant.

The facility’s employees sent Tesla Elon Musk, the CEO, sent this email last week announcing that they were going to do it. to unionize. Musk has previously been hostile toward unionization efforts that included alleged threats and retaliation against employees and an anti-union tweet the NLRB is arguing he should delete (it remains online). This could become the first, if it is successful. Tesla Facility to form a union.

It Gigafactory 2 workers Send the email are Part of an over 800 strong group of analysts who work on the issue Tesla’s Autopilot software by labeling vision data. Some of the workers’ demands include pay raises and job security. Tesla Nearly 200 were laid off workers Last year, similar Autopilot training was done in California.

Employers at Gigafactory 2 are Also, they are asking for a decrease in the productivity pressures. are It can have a negative impact on their health and well-being. Speaking for workers to Bloomberg News Tesla Monitors keyboard and computer keystrokes to You can track their activities and leave some behind. to feel forced to skip bathroom breaks.

On Valentine’s Day, the employees plan to Flyers with themed messages should be distributed throughout the plant to get workers In the building to Sign union cards by visiting a website

The unionization effort began in fall last year. Communications were made possible through Discord. After that, however, the unionization efforts continued. Tesla According to reports, the company had closed an internal channel that allowed employees to voice their grievances. workers The building of an organizing committee was completed. Sara Costantino was an employee at the plant. Bloomberg News they don’t really have a voice within the company. “The voice we did have, they took away,” Costantino said.

Tesla Many legal claims have been filed against the company for allegedly stifling unionization. The NLRB also claimed December Tesla It violated labor laws and told its workers not to to Bemoan working conditions to Management at upper levels to It is best not to discuss pay matters with anyone. The NLRB had also ruled last. Tesla’s dress code policy that didn’t allow union swag was unlawful.

Musk also went so far in his anti-union activities as to to The United Auto Workers union organisation is being accused of planting someone. Tesla’s Fremont factory to “agitate for a union” 2017 Musk has previously claimed he’s not anti-union, inviting the UAW to Attend a referendum on unionization Tesla’s Fremont factory and saying the company “will do nothing to stop them.”