Tesla’s rout shares Accelerating as a Recall and Signs of China’s return to Covid Zero curbs adds to a litany of Investor concerns addressed by CEO Elon Musk focused on Turn around Twitter. 

The electric-vehicle maker’s stock dropped 6.8% at $167.87 in New York Monday, the lowest since November 2020. After the stock drop, traders were more anxious a The city of Beijing was returned to lockdownsBoth production and distribution are combined and Sales at risk Tesla also initiated a Recall of Faulty taillights have caused more than 300,000. 

Tesla’s shares Nearly half of the population has lost. of They are worth less than two months as As supply-chain problems mount, raw material costs rise. and Potential buyers feel the pinch of Inflation stubborn and rising interest rates.

At the top of Musk, however, has been distracted by his newly acquired social media platform. This has led to some investors To worry that Tesla’s strategy may fall to the wayside. 

“Weakening macro data in China is leading to concerns on Tesla, who has already lowered price once to stimulate demand and has a heavy export output in the first half of fourth quarter,” Jeffrey Osborne, Cowen analyst wrote in a Friday note.

Analyst added that hedge funds appear to be shifting to a negative bias on the stock due to risk there’s been “a loss of focus” on Musk bought Tesla Twitter. 

The company’s recent stock decline marks a Major retracement of It has reached many milestones during its meteoric rise in 2020 and 2021. 

Tesla was supplanted as The fifth-most valuable company on the S&P 500 Index by old-economy stalwart Berkshire Hathaway Inc. earlier this month. 

The car company, which lost its trillion-dollar-valuation status in late April, only needs its shares To drop below $500 billion, the valuation will fall another 5.7% from its current levels.

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