carjacking suspect in Texas It was held at mother At gunpoint in front of her children before stealing her Automobile and leading police on You can find more information at chase, authorities said Friday.

The incident occurred in Fort Worth at 3:30 pm on Feb. 10 in An apartment community in The 200 block of Bailey Avenue, the Fort Worth Police Department said.

It mother Was taking her children out of When the male is driving the car suspect Submitted and kept her At gunpoint police said. 

It suspect The car was not what they wanted, but the one that they requested. of the woman’s children was still in According to authorities, the backseat.

She pleaded for the woman suspect To let her remove the child before he allegedly stole her car. According to police, suspect Let the mother Take her Take your child with you of The car just before it speeds away in The vehicle.

The vehicle was stolen by police minutes later.

However, suspect eluded officers and abandoned the vehicle in Another apartment community in The 4100 block of Northern Cross Boulevard in Haltom city.

It suspect I approached a mother to take her picture her Kids out of The car.
Fort Worth Police Department

The surveillance footage was released by police of The suspect Running out of The stolen vehicle in the community’s parking lot.

Anyone with any information on the incident was asked by authorities suspect You can reach detectives at 817-3922-4380