After being beaten, a teenager was still fighting for his life. shot by A San Antonio cop It has been released from The hospital His family confirmed Wednesday that he was home after nearly two months.

Erik Cantu — who was shot Multiple times by Texas Officer of the police James Brennand at the McDonald’s parking lot — was able to be home for the holidays and his family said their “prayers have been answered.”

“We are incredibly grateful that our son is home with us,” The family said in a statement Posted on Twitter by Their lawyer Ben Crump. “Erik We are still optimistic about his recovery, even though he has a long road ahead.

“It means the world to us that we can spend Thanksgiving as a family outside of the hospital Walls are where we have lived ever since Erik She was badly injured.

“We are thankful for many blessings this week – Erik’s strength, everyone who has supported us through Erik’s hospitalization, and the grace of God. Thank you.”

During his grim time, he was at one point hospital stay, Cantu’s family said he was on life support, according to an October Fox News Digital report. The family maintained that despite the dire circumstances, they were optimistic.

Erik Cantu looks towards officer James Brennand holding a hamburger while Brennand opens his car door.

His family reported that he was awake and alert when he was removed from the ventilator. San Antonio Express-News reported.

Brennand is currently facing two counts for aggravated assault by A probe into the Oct. 2, incident led to the resignation of a public official.

After the incident, he was quickly fired.

After Brennand went up to his car, police accused him of violating procedures and training.

Cantu was having a burger while Brennand, an rookie, was driving. cop Police said that the probationed man arrived at the fast-food joint to assist with an unrelated disturbance.

Erik Cantu drives away as San Antonio Police officer James Brennand shoots his pistol at the car in a fast food restaurant parking lot in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 2, 2022.
Erik Cantu leaves as an officer James Brennand points his pistol at the car.

Brennand spotted Cantu’s car, which he believed evaded him the day before, and demanded the teen get out of the car and opened the driver’s side door, police training commander Alyssa Campos said during an October press conference.

“With the vehicle door still open, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to leave. The officer was hit by the open door. The officer then stepped back and opened fire on the vehicle as the driver reversed away from him,” Campos said. 

Brennand opened fire as the car reversed, and continued on its way, according to authorities. Cantu, who was there with an unhurt passenger was not hurt, was also present at the scene. by police.

The car’s registration plates did not match the vehicle, but the car was not stolen, police said.

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