Texas All diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at state-funded universities will be discontinued.

The Legislators both chambers approved Senate Bill 17 has been finalized and is headed for Gov. Greg Abbott (R), to sign.

SB 17 will require that all new vehicles be registered with the state by September 1, 2017. Texas’ public universities to dismantle their DEI offices, programs and training in the next six months. This bill prohibits universities from requiring DEI training to be completed as part of an application or employment at the institution, and all hiring policies must also comply with this order. “color-blind and sex-neutral.”

It does not apply to student organisations, faculty research or guest speakers.

DEI offices are now a familiar sight on many college campuses. DEI departments are often involved in the coordination of mentorships, programs, and tutoring for students with diverse backgrounds. The programs are criticized for fostering racial tensions and placing social justice above merit.

The Legislators both chambers approved The final version of Senate Bill 17 will be released on Sunday.

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After Texas Rep. Ron Reynolds warned his colleagues that the lawmakers would vote on Sunday. “Don’t be on the wrong side of history.”

“Don’t let Texas be the next state to get a travel advisory,” he went on, referring to the NAACP’s recent warning against travel to Florida. “Don’t let the politics of extremism get in the way in the progress that we’ve made over the years.”

The statement issued by the Education Department showed that educators were against the bill. Texas On Saturday, the American Association of University Professors is holding a conference.

They said that the organization was “deeply disappointed by the conference committee report,” Add to cart “the bill sends a clear message to students, faculty, and staff that our state is not committed to welcoming students from all backgrounds and to building a public higher education system that is truly inclusive and supportive of all.”

The educators’ group also said it is also worried the legislation could put state universities at risk of losing federal and private grants, which often require applicants to show they are making efforts toward diversity and inclusion.

Florida became the first state to prohibit universities using federal or state funds for DEI funding in early May.

According to an article, similar legislation has also been proposed by over a dozen states. Associated Press analysis Bill-tracking software like Plural can help you find the best deals.