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Sibling rivalry is not just limited to the British Royal family, which is why it’s so relatable to read about the ongoing feud between Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex. The subject has been the topic of much discussion by commentators. of their relationship—and their subsequent fallout—in depth, there’s still so much more to the story. The crux of the matter is what you need to know. of Astrology is the best option for your situation of Harry William‘s relationship, because their synastry definitely sheds some light on the tension between them. Astrology can paint a more detailed picture of this royal rivalry, highlighting the reasons why their dynamic has soured so intensely over the years. It might even be able to answer the most important question of all—will they ever be able to forgive each other? Pour yourself a cup of this tea, because it’s being served piping hot!

Prince William was born in London, England on June 21st 1982 at 9:03 pm. He is a Cancer. However, because Prince William was also born under a new moon in Cancer, we can note that he has an extreme emotional side, but he doesn’t always listen to his intuition. This could be due to the fact that a new Moon is also known as an “a” moon. “dark moon”Phase – This is the phase of The lunar cycle, which tends to suppress the intuitive and emotional vibrations of The moon. This makes it difficult for the psychic energies. of the moon to penetrate your consciousness and denotes a deeper focus on how other people are feeling than on how *you* are feeling. However, because he was also born with his rising sign in Sagittarius, William is also a very direct person who doesn’t pull any punches.

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Prince William’s Their relationship ended abruptly because of their inability to trust his intuition. However, it all comes back to one important fact—Prince William’s Prince is right when moon in Cancer becomes moon Harry’s seventh house of Loyal friends and open enemies On A good day could bring you the best of They can be best friends or business partners. They could also be enemies on a bad days.

Because Prince William was born under the new moon, it is likely that he did not see the drama unfolding until it reached a critical point. of no return. The fallout from their actions completely threw him off his feet! The problem with new moon people is that they tend to get too caught up in their lives, and are unable to see the world beyond them. William’s His North Node is a perfect place for the Cancer sun-moon combination of Destiny. It’s plain as day that William was born to wear that crown and primed for royal greatness.

On A good day could bring you the best of They can be best friends or business partners. They could also be enemies on a bad days.

However, William’s Prince is also the destiny Harry’s seventh house of They were not meant to be enemies. These Cancer planets also clash with William’s Pluto and Libra are conflicted, which means that their relationship problems took a while to get to a head. But when they did, it was hard to ignore their conflict. I mean, the entire world knows they’re not getting along! Which brings me to my next point—people in both Harry William’s People may have a tendency to get involved in their problems, manipulating their dynamic. The end. of Brothers are often in competition with one another, and their friends may use that fact to their advantage.

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Now, let’s take a look at Prince Harry’s natal chart. The Duke of Sussex was born in Paddington, England on September 15, 1984 at 4 :20 pm Harry His Virgo sun and Taurus moon, as well as his Capricorn ascendant, make him the practical sibling. With his big three—sun, moon and rising—all in earth signs, he’s someone who’s more down-to-earth and rational-minded. His Taurus moon falls in his fourth home. of roots and origins, he’s someone who can’t help but put family first. Although he’s the shyer of Both his siblings, he prefers to express his emotions in privacy and enjoys having his own life away from the public eye. of The public gaze. His Virgo sun can also be found in his ninth place of wisdom and adventure, which is an auspicious placement that says he’s someone who always keeps an open mind, especially when he’s searching for the truth. He’s a student of He is open to learning from others and wants to be understood.

Communication with William can be difficult. Harry. He might even feel that he’s not taken seriously by his brother or given the respect he deserves.

Prince is a remarkable exception. Harry’s North Node of Destiny in Gemini also falls in his brother’s seventh house of Allies and foes. Harry’s sun and Mercury in Virgo square off with William’s Also, the relationship sector. SoWhat does all this mean? It is likely that communicating with William will be difficult. Harry. He might even feel that he’s not taken seriously by his brother or given the respect he deserves. Being that Virgo is ruled by Mercury—planet of communication—feeling heard, seen and understood are extremely important to this earth sign. You can also have a lot of fun. of energy for others who don’t give them much attention in return, their patience does wear thin at times (especially if they feel as though they’re being taken for granted or ignored by those they love).

Harry’s North Node of Destiny in Willian’s seventh house shows that they’re born adversaries and it’s a mutual feeling on both sides. Drama and squabbles are likely to continue in the relationship no matter what they do. However, it’s all a part of The brothers in the group are meant to be challenging each other and encourage each other’s growth.

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So, the question isn’t *why* they’re fighting, but whether they’ll ever be able to kiss and make up. After all the drama of Harry’s departure from royal family duties, as well as his tell-all interview with Oprah, will William ever be able to forgive him? And after the royal family’s lackluster response to Meghan Markle’s mistreatment in the tabloids, will Harry Ever be able again to trust his older brother Yes, and no.

They’ll both have to do a lot of They must work on themselves first before they can accept where they went wrong. And if they’re committed to being honest with each other about their feelings and evolving their relationship, then they have the power to form an even deeper connection with each other in the long run. Since Harry William’s Feud can easily be attributed to the North Node of Destiny, which is your fate and karma, will guide you through life. It will take time to rebuild the familial connection. There will be some quirkiness and a few nitpicky comments. However, if they’re both dedicated to mending this relationship, it could be so healing for the both of them.

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