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This is a common scenario. A group of buddies goes up to a cabin deep in the woods, hoping to relax for a weekend. But then they find out that they have been attacked by a vicious intruder. It’s a familiar scenario: Several friends go to a cabin in the woods for a relaxing weekend, only to be attacked by armed criminals. “The Blackening,” though, the main characters are well-aware of horror-movie tropes — and determined not to fall into them.

“The Blackening” Follow a group Black friends as they go on a trip to celebrate Juneteenth. There is a lot comedy and bloodshed when the group finds themselves in the hands of a serial killer. Based on a 2018 short film of the same name by comedy sketch group 3Peat, the movie seems hell-bent on slaughtering the most tired horror-movie clichés.

In 2022, Dewayne Perkins — who wrote and starred in the short film that the movie is based on and also wrote and stars in the full-length film — elaborated on the premise in an interview with Collider. “The intent was to take tropes and then expand them to force the audience to realize tropes are also human beings. My character is a ‘gay best friend,’ which is a trope that is in movies,” He stated. “Usually, [gay best friends are] regulated to the side to be a person who gives humor, or they are part of a joke. So being able to take these tropes and find exactly what makes them complex, what gives them depth, and then forcing that in the movie so that when you start watching it, you see what has been in horror movies before and then the goal of the movie is to constantly break down your assumptions of these characters by constantly forcing depth.”

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“The Blackening” Cast

“The Blackening” Stars Perkins, Grace Byers and Jermaine Fowler.

“The Blackening” Plan

“The Blackening” A group of seven friends celebrates Juneteenth by going to remote cabins. A killer kidnaps one of their best friends soon. In a terrifying video, the killer demands that — in keeping with the offensive and cliché horror-movie trope that often sees the Black character die first — the group sacrifice the Blackest one among them in order to save the rest.

“The Blackening” Release date

“The Blackening” On June 16, the movie hits theatres

“The Blackening” Trailer