Mate, the Indiegogo darling that burst onto the scene in 2016 with an inexpensive and fun folding e-bikeA prototype has been shown by. electric cargo bike. The Mate SUV, As it’s called, targets families looking to replace a car — something that’s not only possible, but preferred in bicycle-friendly cities like Copenhagen, where Mate It was established.

Strom cargo bikes aren’t cheap, unless you compare the price to That of car. AAA has now fixed the Average Annual cost to Own and manage a car At over $10,000 each year In the USA. These numbers range between £3,556 in the UK to €7,392 in Europe. These recurring expenses make it difficult to afford the Mate SUV a bargain at €6,499 (about $6,900) when it eventually ships in September 2023. The Mate SUV It will be made and assembled in Italy, and sold initially in the EU or UK.

The European-standard 250W motor is available for the same price. This engine has a maximum speed of 25km/h (16 mph) and an extended range. to From what appears to be a single configuration of batteries, it is 100km (62 mi) away. The Italian-made Oli Edge Motor is It can be mounted in the middle of a drive, so it can deliver up to to 90nM torque to The rider, along with two young children, can be propelled forward. Or you may choose to do it alone. to It can hold 210L worth of stuff. Everything is brought together by hydraulic twin disc brakes. to A controlled stop.

The Mate SUV is Connected with a Carbon belt instead of messy chains and derailleurs to Enviolo Heavy Duty hub equipped with internal gears. The bike It weighs 49 kg (108 lbs) without adding any accessories, such as an all-weather roof or off-road tires. The vehicle comes equipped with integrated rear and front lights. to Make it road-legal and add an LED lightbar around the front box. Unspecified live location tracking completes the specifications. “anti-theft protection,” An USB jack and an adapter to Keep it up your phone powered.

It’s an interesting electric cargo e-bike from a company that’s undergone transformation via external investment and management. It’s possible to try it yourself. Mate SUV Roadshows will begin in selected European cities in the next few months.

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Image: Mate