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Dry skin babes, listen up. The Ordinary Is releasing a special product for you. The only moisturizer for skin. Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA have asked for a thicker product for dehydrated and dry skin. This brand was able to deliver. Natural Moisturizing Factors + PhytoCeramides It contains twice as many emollients than the original, and also includes phytoceramides (plant-based ceramides) that are used to soothe skin irritation and dryness.

The hydrator can be used by anyone with dry, cracked skin who is looking for moisture. You might have a normal skin type but overused acids or exfoliators, which has damaged the moisture barrier. Natural Moisturizing Factors + PhytoCeramides It will repair the skin with plant-derived molecules, such as ceramosides and fatty acids. A healthy, hydrated skin barrier looks plump and dewy — not greasy — with fewer fine lines and breakouts. (Though, those with oily or acne-prone skin might want to stick with the brand’s lighter OG moisturizer.)

The Ordinary.

So when are you able to get it? Now, the members The Ordinary’s O. Lab will have the first access. Everyone else can shop it on the brand’s website February 21. After that, the product hits Ulta Beauty On March 12, along with the Glucoside Foaming Cleanser, which we shared back in December 2022. There’s so much happening!

The The brand suggests pairing the new moisturizer you purchase with one of its other hydrating products. For example, Squalane Cleanser is $9 at Ulta BeautyIt has a balm-like texture that can be used to remove any makeup or sunscreen without stripping the skin. Amino Acid +B5 ($8.90) is next. Ulta Beauty). This serum is lightweight so you’ll want to put a moisturizer on top, either the original Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA at $13.50 Ulta Beauty) or the new one — coming soon!

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