Oscars 2023 Forecasts

The aftermath of last year’s chaotic broadcast caused chaos. Oscars They have returned with new nominations announced earlier in the week. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting this year’s ceremony, which will be held on March 12, 2023.

It was no surprise that there were so many nominations for Everything Everywhere All At Once, which received 11 nominations and best director (sic). and best picture.

The nomination of Brendan Fraser for his outstanding performance in “The Greatest Showmanship” was also a delight to viewers. The Whale, although it was to be expected. Many are predicting Fraser will take home the statue as he’s already taken home a Golden Globe award for the role.

The Inisherin Banshees and All Quiet on the Western Front received several nominations, including the best picture. and Best original score They are expected to both be eligible to receive the highly coveted Best Picture Award.

The This year’s best-known controversy was created when Andrea Risenborough, a British actress, received an award nomination for her performance on the independent drama To Leslie.

Viola Davis was not only snubbed for performing in the show, but many are also surprised. The Woman King, but are also looking into the legality of Risenborough’s campaign and ultimate nomination as many of Risenborough’s colleagues exercised their academy connections to help generate buzz for this film.

Many actors were apparently singing praises for the less-known movie. Many are questioning if this technically counts as lobbying- a strict condition in the academy’s book that is not to be disregarded.

What’s also being pointed out is the ignorance of Viola Davis’s and Danielle Deadwyler’s respective campaigns, bringing attention back to #OscarsSoWhite. The academy claimed that it is committed to diversifying its own nominations and itself. and While there has been some progress, not everyone is satisfied with the current level of representation.

Other categories were more surprising than expected. Walt Disney Animation Studios was not nominated for best animated feature. Pixar’s Turning Red was the only Disney property to receive a nomination in this category.

Predictions seem to be set on Dreamworks’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish or Guillermo del Toro’s Pinnochio to take home the win. If either film wins this will break Disney’s 3-year winning streak which was at 6 years before being broken by Spider-man: Into The Spiderverse 2018

Less anticipation seems to be surrounding the actual ceremony though it’s hard to imagine this year’s Oscar could go any more haywire than last year’s.

Once associated with glamour, glitz and glamor. and Recognition seems to be a laughing stock with the cringe-worthy jokes and tension-filled situations. and Amateurish errors (we all know the La La Land Moonlight dubious) are still commonplace. Viewers continue to tune in for the chance to see their favorites stars get their moment of love.