The Steam Deck now supports game transfers You can copy games already installed on your network. from Your PC can be connected to the Steam Deck You don’t have to download them again from the Internet. The bundle includes this feature. Steam Deck beta update released last weekThis will help you reduce your internet data usage, particularly if you frequently download large games to your mobile device.

First, enable this feature to gain access. Steam’s beta on both the Steam Deck And the Steam You can save the client as a file to your personal computer. Select the game Install on your property Steam DeckPlease see the following: Steam It will check automatically to determine if there is already the software on any of your computers. game. If one is found, Steam It will start at game Transfer process.

Here’s how game transfers It will be.
Image Credit: Valve

It’s worth noting that this feature applies to PCs on the same network as well, so you’re free to transfer already-installed Steam Games for your computer from Any other PCs Your household. Steam This article explains how everything works. its support pageNotes: If the device loses connection in the process of transferring, “or no more content is available,” Steam You can download the remainder of the document. game from Its servers are instead.

You can change the setting that determines which PCs Your Steam Deck (or PC) can download from. While Steam It is possible to “Only my own devices by default,” You can transfer only one game from the devices you’re logged into Steam With, it can be also set to “Only my friends” “Any user” If you are looking for games, from a friend or family member’s PC. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t support game transfers Originating from The Steam Deck Oder PCs You are not yet in Big Picture mode.

I don’t have a Steam Deck (YetHowever, I do wish that I could have had it when I downloaded the app. Elden Ring from my partner’s shared Steam library. Either way, I’m happy it’s here now, as it’s nice to have something that helps me stay below my internet data cap for the month, even if it does make just a slight impact.