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Humorous pop-punk band The Tracy’s They are back, with an original music video inspired by late 90s video tapes and a hilarious track backing it. “A Soviet Mistake” The combination of instrumentation from Blink-182 with the lyrics of Weezer songs results in an entertaining and highly engaging music video/song combo. 

This is the story of Marina Butina (Russian spy), who infiltrated NRA in 2018. She was devoted to guns and her total love. “A Soviet Mistake” Plays on the dark nostalgia of the cold war as well as the weak handy cams. This combination creates a pure 80s/90s feel. 

The The video was co-directed and edited by Dave Klym (lead singer) and Matt Ernst (drummer), who have some experience with directing. Ernst was also responsible for editing the video. The Ernst and Klym also wrote music, as did Mike Abiuso (a frequent collaborator). 

A The production of this track required a lot of research, as it is essentially based upon true events. Klym has this to share about the amazing story of Marina Butina.

“I thought well, she’s pretty and a gun nut so it probably wouldn’t have been too hard to do. It makes for perfect fodder for a Ramones style love song from the point of view of the loser who fell for her and let her in and would stupidly do anything for her. I picture a sad dude in his mother’s dark basement on his computer. Anyway, she was caught, jailed, and kicked out of the country… no more Chipotle for her! Suka!” 

The This is where you will find video “loser ex-boyfriend’s” basement, as he grieves for his missing spy girlfriend. On-screen lyrics add to the humor. The The video includes clips of the band singing and performing in the recording studio.

The The hilarious video features numerous chipotle bags. “now she’s never gonna have Chipotle” The line and mispronouncings of popular restaurants prove that, in addition to their classic pop-punk songs, they have a real appeal. The Tracy’s It is their sense of humor and willingness to have fun.