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When the Womanizer It was launched in 2014. the The sex industry. The brand’s “Pleasure Air Technology” It was quickly adopted by the public. a Favorite Thanks to the “touchless clitoral stimulation” that helped people with vaginas reach orgasm quicker — and with more intensity. The Four years after its most recent innovation, company returns to the forefront of technology the making: Womanizer OG. It has the same mind-blowing technology but this time, it’s all about your G-spot.

Before we get into the Womanizer OG details, first let’s go over what the G-spot is. G-spot was once thought to be a “button” This is a greater area of the Inner part the Called clitoris the Urethral sponge It’s a bit hidden by the Front vaginal wall requires constant, firm pressure from the inside the vagina. G-spot toys, such as the Womanizer OGThese are designed to make it easier for you to access them.

But unlike most vibrators, the Womanizer OG Has that? “Pleasure Air Technology” You know and love them the Womanizer.


The Silicone toy that is waterproof has 12 Pleasure Air intensity levels, and three vibration modes. You can use it alone or with others. a Your partner can help you figure out what is most effective for your body. The Use brand recommendations a A water-based lubricant that helps to minimize friction. This can help increase your enjoyment. Remember, even if you’re used to G-spot play, this is a Different sensations and you might even become obsessed with them. And if you’re new to the This quiet, chic toy can be found in the area the Perfect introduction

The Womanizer OG Pleasure Air G-Spot Stimulator Certain colorways have already sold out because they are so exciting and new. Purple, which is really special a Lavender) has been sold, but you can still buy Black and Red (a Deep wine (now on) colors the Love Honey website. The holidays are stressful — buy yourself a Gift that keeps on giving

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