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After an eclipse season that was overwhelming, the astrological energies of the universe will start to calm down. This is both a comforting and a much-needed relief. The skies will be dominated by a harmonious and emotionally-healing grand water trine. Three lucky zodiac signs will enjoy the best week from November 14-20. Scorpio season will soon end.

The sun will be dancing in the dark depths of Scorpio on November 14th, while Neptune and the sun will be harmonious. Are you ready for a magical sleep? This will increase your intuition as well as your ability to empathize, understand, and feel spiritual. This could make your dreams more vivid than usual, so keep a notebook handy. Mercury will also sextile Pluto transformative Pluto that day. This adds an extra layer of intensity to your thoughts and exchanges and continues to complement the mysterious essence and power of the water element.

Venus—planet of love and beauty—will dance with expansive and open-hearted Jupiter on November 15. This could be quite auspicious, but it’s important to be discerning with your ideals vs. current reality. The energy of this planet is positive for creativity and romance. The following day, Mercury will follow Venus’ footsteps, aligning with Jupiter which, in turn, expands and emphasizes our communication style, as well as our ability to read between the lines.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you’re vibing high this week:

These Zodiac Signs Will Bring You the Best Week

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On top of the fact that you’re thriving in your element, you’re also incredibly in tune with your surroundings. This boosts your confidence and inspires creativity. After all, the sun, Mercury and Venus are dazzling your fifth house of romance, passion, pleasure and authenticity… so, what’s not to love? As if this weren’t enough reason to celebrate and live your best life, the sun will form a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune on November 14, which is the closest thing to wearing your favorite pair of rose-colored glasses.

There is nothing wrong with fantasizing as long as you keep your balance. This is a great opportunity to tap into the spiritual gifts you have, and to transcend any vibrations you are not connected with. What’s the best part? Venus and Mercury will dance with prosperous Jupiter on November 15 and 16, adding a layer of serendipity to the mix, so don’t hesitate to test your luck. Some people may feel a strong attraction towards their partner. Romantic feelings are also possible. Your intuition is crucial, especially when Jupiter is trining the sun on November 20th. So trust your instincts.

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You will find that things will improve if you have had a rough start to your solar season. This is especially true when considering the magical aspects happening this week… but we all have free will, so it’s up to you to take advantage of these auspicious energies. For instance, in addition to the sun harmonizing with Neptune—helping you tame your ego and have more compassion for yourself, in order to step into your fullest potential—Mercury will connect with your modern ruler, Pluto, which is where things get even more interesting.

If you’ve been secretly waiting for insight on something or someone, this could bring you the clarity you’ve been seeking, so don’t undermine the messages that come through at this time. This is also true for your communication style. You are very sharp and perceptive in your delivery. Then, Venus, Mercury and the sun will join forces with lucky Jupiter—via your fifth house of authenticity, passion and self expression—so chances are you will be celebrating your successes, while others of you have the time of your life. Follow your bliss, happiness is what you are looking for.

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If you’ve been waiting patiently for an opportunity to arise, this could be your lucky week. Jupiter is on your side and the sun is shining through your lucky ninth house, which is a place of expansion, self-discovery, and luck. Trusting yourself and the magic behind your ideals is leading you down the right path, and Mercury’s harmonious sextile to alchemical Pluto on November 14 means business. Don’t be afraid to speak up, and/or inquire about a situation at this time. Your keen senses are at full alert. You will experience heightened intuition because the sun will be in harmony and harmonious with Neptune, your planet ruler.

Sounds eerie but you’re also somewhat of a shapeshifter at this time, making it easier to sense what’s hidden beneath the surface of your surroundings. You can make it even better, because Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter will eventually meet in your sign. This is due to the positive and prosperouso influence of Jupiter the Greater Benefic. Whether it be via an entrepreneurial venture or an exhilarating romance with someone from a different cultural background, one thing’s for sure… and, it’s that you’re as inspired as ever to move forward, and take a leap of faith.

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