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After all the hard work, you will be able to take the lessons learned during Scorpio season with you, regardless of the hardships, trials and tribulations. Even though this fixed water season will soon end, Three zodiac signs will experience the worst week from November 14-20. No need to be discouraged, as you are merely in the midst of a transformation period… and well, you are certainly not alone.

The week begins with a serious undertone, as Mercury decides to have a sit-down-conversation with shadowy Pluto, which intensifies and supercharges the atmosphere with everything from suspicion to shadowy power dynamics. First, bad news? There’s no escaping Pluto’s impenetrable wrath but… on a brighter note, what’s been lingering beneath the surface will more than likely come to light under this revelatory transit. That said, don’t hesitate to inquire and indulge your curiosities if needed. If you can accept the ugly truth.

You’ll want to steer away from ego trips and power struggles this week, especially during the last-quarter moon in Leo on November 16, as it will simultaneously clash with the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node in Scorpio. This will cause tension in your communication and your environment. This is equivalent to a battle of who will text first, but there’s more. If you feel strangely competitive or lowkey possessive about something or someone on November 18, it’s all thanks to the sun’s smoldering sextile to Pluto.

There is nothing wrong with some passionate bantering and/or the constant desire to succeed until it is. Last but not least Mars retrograde will face Neptune on Nov 19, which can prove to be just as confusing and stressful as it can be. So, if you’re feeling stuck between a rock and hard place, or simply having trouble concentrating, it’s not just you. Take a deep breathe and don’t overthink.

These Zodiac Signs Will Give You The Best Week Ever

If you have any questions, please contact us. Sun sign and/or rising sign Anyone who falls under any of these zodiac sign signs will be eligible for a discount here’s why you’re more likely to be in your head this week:

These Zodiac Signs Will Have Your Worst Week

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It’s hard to disguise your true feelings this week, so why bother? If you’re feeling some type of way, it is what it is. Have a lot of things to do? Mercury will link up with Pluto on November 14. This could be both productive and a little bit troubling depending on how your handle the situation. The last quarter of the moon in your sign will end on November 15. This could lead to some unwelcome friction between your celestial rulers, Mercury, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio. 

Again, keeping it together could be easier said than done, but if you’re resenting a family member, or perhaps keeping your true feelings a secret, you may wanna rip the bandaid so you can move on. Soon after, Mars retrograde will meet Neptune in ambiguity on November 19. Things are sure to get more confusing. However, not everything is as it seems, so don’t jump to conclusions just yet. 

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You could have a lot more on your mind than you’re comfortable admitting, but this is precisely where your challenge lies. Mercury, your celestial ruler will be in harmony with Pluto, the revelatory planet on November 14. This will likely motivate and inspire you to talk about something important. However, with the moon transiting through Leo and your 12th house of inhibitions, your ego could very well get in the way of this initiative… that is, unless you’re willing to face your fears and come clean.

Sagittarius will soon be infiltrated by Mercury and Venus, but it’s possible to feel overwhelmed looking ahead and planning for the future. Leave it to Mars retrograde square Neptune on November 19 to skew your sense of direction, but it’s not as complicated as it looks. Don’t rush things, and wait for the fog to clear.

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This week can be bittersweet. There are many reasons for this. Don’t get it twisted—there is significant insight headed your way, but some would prefer to be completely oblivious, especially since you can’t unsee the truth. I’m not judging anyone, but I digress. This could be related to your friendship and/or community groups. Others gain wisdom about a long-term vision or ideal. Mercury’s sextile to Pluto in your sign is adding a shadowy layer of intensity and suspicion to your exchanges and surroundings, so don’t let fear inhibit you from moving forward. 

Granted, the moon’s ingress into Leo—your eighth house of transformation and ego deaths—doesn’t necessarily help, considering it will also reach its last-quarter phase on November 16. During this time, Luna will face off with the sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node in your 11th house of society and well… let’s not forget, the moon governs your seventh house of relationships, contractual agreements and significant others. Have friendships and/or collaborations reached their expiration dates? Or are things suddenly more competitive than you’d like? 

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