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Snapchat and Instagram have beauty filters that give your cheeks a brighter shade and make your lips look more pouty. They make your lashes look flawless. They are able to achieve a length, body and richer color that is impossible to match. Given that it’s a filter that portrays unrealistic beauty standards, you’d think everything it does is impossible, but I think I found a mascara that actually outshines the false appearance.

It’s Maybelline New York’s Lash Sensational Mascara
, a drugstore product that’s garnered more than 71,000 perfect ratings on Amazon. It is credited with changing the look of their lashes due to its unique spoolie design. Semi-circle shape of the mascara allows it to be used as both an eyelash curler AND makeup product. The mascara shapes and lengthens lashes in just one stroke, while the washable coat gives them a defined look.

“This mascara checks ALL the boxes!” One reviewer gave five stars. “Best on the market! Trust me! You will love it as much as I do! I can’t say enough just try it!  Don’t get lash extensions before you try this!”

Numerous customers have compared this mascara’s effects to eyelash extensions. Each reviewer agrees that this mascara is great for anyone with natural lashes, no matter how thin or straight they are. “magic.” You can find it for as low as $9, although the usual retail price is $12
 during Amazon’s Black Friday deals. For faster shipping, make sure you sign up to Prime.

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Courtesy Maybelline.

“If you are reading this, you have just stumbled upon the BEST MASCARA
in the entire universe!” exclaimed another reviewer. “I hardly ever write reviews but this mascara deserves it. It lasts all day long! I never have to touch it up! I never find annoying black flakes under my eye since using this! AND this is a waterproof mascara that is actually waterproof!”

There’s nothing better than a fan-favorite buy, especially when it costs just $9 a pop
. Think about all of the other pricier mascaras that you’ve tried only to be disappointed by. This one and its 4.5-star average rating basically comes with a guarantee that it’s worth the minimal purchase.

The spoolie head adheres to each individual lash and layers over them with just enough product. It highlights and intensifies the hairs without making them clumpy. The bristles on each brush head are ten layers deep and fan out the lashes in a dramatic and impressive manner. If you have ever experienced eye irritation or tears due to mascara use, this product is recommended by other users who have had similar experiences.

“I have SUPER sensitive eyes and a love for mascara. I’ve tried so many mascaras over the years (drug store, high-end brands at Sephora, natural brands) and all of them have either underperformed, started really bothering my eyes or often both,” One reviewer agreed. “This Mascara
EWG cosmetic database has a surprisingly clean ingredient list. This is more than the $25 tube mascara that I used for five years before it began to bother my eyes. For such a cheap mascara, it has really surprised me on how clean it is, good it feels on my eyes so far and how amazing the look is.”

Layer the product several times to get the best results. This mascara is so effective that a single swipe will make a difference, so if you’re into more of a natural look, consider this your one-stop solution

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