The university system denies any illegal action and calls on the unions not to leave the bargaining tables. “We are committed to continuing to negotiate in good faith and reaching full agreements as soon as possible,” The University of California released the following statement.

On Monday, it appeared that the strike had caused major disruptions. U.C. Berkeley was almost empty of canceled classes when Berkeley picketers took to the streets. U.C. The nanotechnology research laboratory at U.C. San Diego that employed about 12 undergraduate, post-doctoral, and doctoral students, was shut down.

U.C.L.A. had sections of Sociology 101 and Architecture cancelled as hundreds of strikers roared across the campus. “U.C., U.C., you can’t hide! We can see your greedy side!”

Enrique Olivares Pesante (a fourth year doctoral candidate in English at U.C.L.A.), was present. who was picketing in front of the school’s film building, said he makes $2,500 per month before taxes, and pays more than half of that in rent for his graduate housing. He added that teaching assistants typically make less than that. “It came to this because it was untenable.”

U.C. Berkeley’s Chaka Tellem (21), the president of the student body and a senior sympathized strongly with the strike, even though his classes in macroeconomics had been cancelled. “We are on a campus that recognizes, historically and to this day, the importance of collective action, the importance of strikes and nonviolent direct action,” He said.

Anthony Huo, 19 years old, said that he was trying to figure out when the next class would be held.

“I think it’s happening,” He said it, as he hustled through the autumn air on the historic Berkeley campus. “Maybe? I don’t know. I’ll try.”

Soumya Karlamangla, Holly Secon, Anemona Hartocollis And Noam Scheiber Contributed reporting