PESHAWAR – At least 3 soldiers were killed in this incident 20 Others injured in A suicide attack On a vehicle belonging to the security forces in PakistanAccording to police, the incident took place in the northwestern portion of Saskatchewan on Saturday. It happened in The country’s North Waziristan Tribal district in the suicide A bomber was riding on a tricycle loaded with bomb, and hit the vehicle carrying security officers who were escorting workers of a petrol company.
“The suicide bomber riding a tri wheeler hit vehicle of the security forces on duty with MPCL Petroleum Company in Khajori Chowk in North Waziristan tribal district bordering Afghanistan. Three soldiers were killed and 20 others injured,” A senior officer in the police force said this.
When the bomber attacked one of the vehicles escorting the troops, the employees of the petroleum company were returning home to tight security.
It MPCL Company Engaged in Exploration of Oil in This area.