Today’s CEOs are facing innumerable challenges: a global pandemic and a sea change in Where and how employees want to be located for Just to name a few, work The pressure on leaders has never been greater. How can they manage it? We ask executives to share their daily wellness habits in order to get insight into the strategies they use to reduce it. stress You can help them maintain their health and well-being.

Nick Green Is co-founder CEO Of Thrive Market, an online membership platform that makes healthy living more accessible and easier. Since its inception in 2014, Thrive Market It now has more than 1,000,000 paying members. Green Lives in Venice, CA – His wife and three children. 

What about coffee or tea? Which do you prefer? in it?
Both. I mix it both. for Variety and to maintain my caffeine intake in check. When I’m drinking coffee, I’m a fan of the classic pour over, typically with our Thrive Market Regeneratively grown coffee beans When I’m on tea, I go for An organic pu-erh tea by Numi. I think it’s the best tasting hot beverage on the planet—no milk or sweetener required. 

What’s your favorite breakfast?
Only the above.  

We want to hear about your workout routine.
I love to exercise first in The morning. I am aiming. for Five days a week, alternate between a HIIT and HIIT workout. Barry’s Bootcamp Here in Venice (my) “hard” Day) and a 30-minute run in our neighborhood on my recovery day.

How many hours sleep do you get in a single night?
I try to be. in Bed by 11 p.m. or later by 6 a.m. How much of that time I’m actually asleep though, depends on our kids. Every night is an adventure with three children under 5. 

What can you do to de-stress?
There are no secrets to this: Exercise, diet and sleep are the keys. for me. At any given time, I’m usually doing pretty well on two out of the three, which seems to keep me in Good health stress-wise. Over the last few years, I’ve also gotten into hot-cold therapy. I set up a barrel sauna in our bedroom, and an ice tub on the balcony. I try to do 20 minutes hot and five minutes cold twice a week. 

According to your phone, what’s your daily average screen time from last week?
3 hours and 19 min. 

Which app do you use most often?
Top five in Order: Message (6h11m), Kindle (2h32m), Gmail (2h12m), Safari (1h55m), Google Maps (1h38m).

When’s the last time you took a day off? What were you doing?
I used to do a few hours of work both days of the weekend, but since having kids, I’ve started to consistently take Saturdays off. While I still work Sunday afternoons to stay ahead of the week’s events, Saturdays are now my time to be with my family and to just relax. 

What’s one thing your company is doing to prioritize employee wellness?
It is important to ensure that every employee is also well-informed. Thrive Market member. Every employee receives a free membership and a code upon joining the company. for Extra savings 

What’s your favorite treat?
I’m a big cacao fan. I started with dark chocolate but now I’ll eat our cacao. Thrive Market All day, organic cacao nibs. They are rich in flavonoids and other micronutrients. I enjoy their bitterness, but I still love dark chocolate.

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“This barrel sauna sits on the balcony outside my home office—and is a very happy place for me!”

Courtesy Nick Green

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