AUGUSTA, Ga. — The raindrops tumbled toward the turf, covered in sheets and rapping umbrellas as they go, pooling wherever possible: in shoes or in beer cups. the famously — and, on Saturday, formerly — fiery greens at Augusta National Golf Club

The last bit was problematic, as ponds don’t allow for play. Masters Tournament. Tournament. the Brooks Koepka, seventh hole, thought only so much. By the The tournament suspended play in the third round at 3:15 p.m. His stroke was only one of 11 that had been affected by a severe cold. Masters Saturday.

“That seventh green was soaked,” Koepka was the one whose score is for the Week was improved to 13 points below average “It was very tough. I thought I hit a good bunker shot, and it looked like it just skidded on the water, so I’m glad we stopped.”

Play resumes on the scheduled date at Sunday, 8:30 AM Eastern Time Koepka will start with a lead of four strokes over Jon Rahm (who trailed by only two). at the Start of the third round. Everyone else in the It is a 54-man field at Minimum seven the Expect a very soft path if you lead.

“I think it’s going to be gettable,” said Sam Bennett, the amateur from Texas A&M University who is in third place, at six under. “I’m guessing we’re going to still have to play it down since we started playing it down, which might be a little tough,” He also mentioned that the term “Red Carpet” was used in reference to the Requirement that players participate the It is the ball. the fairway, even if it’s dirty. “I’m sure there’s going to be some mud balls out there.”

Most likely. Georgian mud is in the spring cannot easily be eliminated by deploying Augusta National’s SubAir system to suck water from greens.

This is it! Masters Players and organizers mused on the topic week the Risk of rain the Potential for the First Monday in 1983 that the tournament finished. Officials at the tournament signaled their hope of finishing. the As per the Sunday competition schedule, the Round final set to commence at 12:20 p.m. the The first and 10th tees.

Augusta National has had to endure this frustrating stretch. This is a club that normally revels in the beautiful weather. the Masters. Two games were halted by the clouds on Friday. On Saturday, they cleared enough for play to resume. the Second round, and start the Third, it appeared a modest win.

Koepka was able to locate a bunker at No. 2 after hours of playing. 2 and make birdie there anyway — for a second consecutive day. He birdied the same spot on Thursday without a permit. the sandy detour.) Rahm birdied also the However, he made a back-toback hole on Saturday, despite his bogeys on Nos. He was eventually sent out by Nos. 4 and 5. the afternoon at There are nine below.

To the Third round: Tournament organizers utilized groups of three players and a start at two tees to attempt to make as many green fees as possible. The play was stopped. the Men at the Top of the Leaderboard looked somewhat happy.

This was quite a different sensation. at the Bottom, Where Tiger Woods was trapped in 54th. He had spent the Every morning, I am determined to make it happen. the the best and most average version of him, it was enough to be made the Cut that cast Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas out of the Tournament much earlier than they would prefer.

There was! WoodsWho’s not seen a? Masters Cut since 1996 when he became a professional, and bundled with his fellow comrades like if the British Open had been transformed by the rain and wind.

You could ask yourself if the effort was worth it.

Woods His third round began Saturday morning with an excellent drive. the His approach was a bit different at the 10th tee. the Plateau green was short lived and quickly rolled back into the A fairway that leads to a birdie. Following three routine pars Woods, whose swing appeared more stiff as Augusta’s temperatures plunged into the The 40s made an unorthodox pass at the Ball on the I hooked the 14th tee to a string of trees that was left behind. the 14th fairway. This led to another Bogey.

A drive in the A safe second shot is taken on the fairway. the par-5 15th hole, Woods’s limp seemed to be more pronounced as he descended the To the top of a steep hill the green. The pitch was shot by his pitch. the The green landing on the Putt surface, but too spinny. It was rolled into the back. the pond. He will try again. at Clearance the Water remained. the Green, after two putts Woods His first double bogey. the tournament.

He marched onto the sidewalk. the Tee for the short par-3 16th hole, Woods’s stride looked shorter and his movements constrained. His swing at the The golf ball was difficult to control. the Shot veered to the left, just short of its target. It plopped into the Additional water hazards the hole. He stopped his third shot at 40 feet the hole and then two more putts. Woods His score was dropped after he had recorded back-to-back double-bogeys. the Tournament to 9 over

Koepka was ahead 22 strokes in his pursuit of his first major win since 2019. Only 30 holes, and a hazy forecast for the weather are between him and his first major victory. Masters title. Sunday morning the tournament’s official forecast said, could bring a “lingering drizzle.”

A new feature was also introduced by meteorologists. the Just in case: Weather Update: Monday Forecast