Augusta National Golf Club in April 2008. Woods He played in the Masters Tournament for his post-wreck recovery. “lots of treatments, lots of ice, lots of ice baths, just basically freezing myself to death” before the next day’s round. After he withdrew from the year’s next major tournament, the P.G.A. He pulled out of the P.G.A. Championship after being 12 over par in three rounds. “no way physically I could have done that.” British Open in He said July that he had missed the cut. “hard just to walk and play 18 holes.”

“People have no idea what I have to go through and the hours of the work on the body, pre and post, each and every single day to do what I just did,” He stated that he did not believe it. He said that four months later, when he realized he couldn’t play. a Low-key Event in Plantar fasciitis in the Bahamas, which he admitted without further explanation that his year included being treated. “a few more procedures because of playing.”

Beyond the surgeries, his 2022 results were at once brilliantly defiant — he did, after all, play nine rounds at major tournaments less than two years after he sustained open fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg — and newly humbling. He finished 47th at Masters. This was his lowest finish at Augusta National since 1996. (He was a great revert to his former self. in Those were his days. He was awarded his first green jacket in the following year.

The year ahead is threatening, but not promising, more of the exact same. Now, Woods An ankle, he said this week was his greatest threat.

“Being able to have it recover from day to day and meanwhile still stress it but have the recovery and also have the strength development at the same time, it’s been an intricate little balance that we’ve had to dance,” WoodsHe said that he still believes in the idea of a “very much”. a When his endurance is equal to his ambition, he’s a shotmaker. “But it’s gotten so much better the last couple months.”

Riviera, the West Los Angeles course Woods Played his first PGA Tour Event in 1992 when he died a An amateur 16 year old is nothing but another laboratory. inPractice Complex – the-spotlight Version in His yard or Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound (Florida) He says he strikes balls almost every day and does a lot of chipping, putting, and chipping. He climbs when he gets tired. a cart — something he cannot do on the PGA Tour — but he has seen his outings go from a Few holes are as good as 18.