TikTok is adding labels to state-affiliated media Outlets more Following an initial pilot program Last March, it was announced.

In response, the company announced labels for the first time to According to the Ukrainian government, it was a war on Ukraine. “expediting” The pilot was responsible for the implementation of the program in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Several government-controlled Russian outlets like RT, RIA Novosti, and TASS have been labeled under the policy so far.

It label It appears in profiles and on videos.
Image: TikTok

Now, TikTok Labels will continue to grow to 40 Markets Available Immediately more to The future. These are the criteria to be considered for label You should also consider factors like coverage, editorial independence and journalismic conduct. The countries that are most represented in the list include Japan, Canada and China. countries These will be the first to receive labels.

TikTok You can say it is Also, outlets can be added to the mix. to Attractive label If they are convinced of the existence of the designation is incorrect. TikTok The outlets may submit evidence of their editorial independence. These documents will then be assessed by an outside expert.

February 18th, 2008 at 8:48 AM ET Addition countries They are included in the first phase for the extended rollout.