Star in multisport at Christian Brothers Academy in Memphis, a a segregated high school, he was subsequently recruited by Alabama’s football powers, Tennessee and Notre Dame. He was also followed by the Cardinals, the Giants the Yankees and decided to take up baseball for the opportunity it presented him the Chance to make money immediately

Signed with the He sold cards for $75,000 at the age of 17 when he started his professional career. in the Low minor leagues in Keokuk, Iowa, in 1959. He played in his first major-league game that September. Each of his games he began. of the The next two seasons in the The appearance of minors briefly the Cardinals in September. He was however, in 1963. the team’s starting catcher.

McCarver wed Anne McDaniel whom he met. in High school in 1964. The union ended in divorce. Kelly and Kathy were their two children. He is survived by them both. as Two grandchildren. He was preceded by four of his siblings.

More the years, McCarver’s prominence offered him other opportunities. He was also a host, beyond his games-day appearances. of “The Tim McCarver Show,” a Long-running radio program that was later aired on TV and then on the radio. in He also interviewed celebrities and athletes. He was a Paula Zahn is co-anchor of the CBS. 1992 Winter Olympics

He wrote many books with his co-authors. of Stories from the Use locker rooms the Instructions to Watchers about Diamond and How to Use It a ballgame. He was a A fine bridge player was cited in the Bridge column of The Sunday Review. His appearance was in The Sunday Review. in a Fewer of Films include “Moneyball,” “Fever Pitch” And “The Naked Gun.” He even made an album. “Tim McCarver Sings Songs From the Great American Songbook.”

These were just sidelights. In 2012, McCarver received the Ford C. Frick Award. a Each year, a lifetime achievement award is presented to a By broadcaster the National Baseball Hall of Fame Please see the following: “major contributions to baseball.”

Inducted in the Hall of Fame four years later. the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

“If you’re going to talk about the best baseball analyst in the history of television,” Dick Enberg himself a Frick Award Winner, stated on this occasion “Tim McCarver’s name has to come up immediately.”