MUNICHExiled Iranians: This will grow support for Opposition movements are allowed to continue in the country to In the midst of a crackdown against protests, pressure the authorities to take action. to The Iranian The monarchy declared on Saturday
Iran was rocked after the murder in custody by police of a youngster Iranian Kurdish woman after being detained in September for It is against Islamic law to flout a strict dress code. Protests pose the greatest challenge to Since the revolution, the Islamic Republic.
Eight Iranian Reza Pahlavi is one of the exiled dissidents. son The toppled Shah discussed how to unite a fractured opposition in the midst of pro-government events commemorating the anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution inside the country.
“It’s important we have to have a component of domestic pressure on the regime because external pressure by sanctions weakens the system but it is not enough to do the job,” Pahlavi spoke to Reuters during a sideline interview. Munich Security Conference.
“We are to looking at means on how we can support the movement back home,” Pahlavi said. “There is a lot of discussion on maximum pressure and more sanctions, but parallel to maximum pressure there needs to be maximum support.”
Pahlavi from Washington said that immediate concern would be to Make sure Iran has access to You can use the internet to finance labor strikes via a fund or find other methods. to Transfer money easily to Iran.
The new year will be different from previous years. Iranian Government was not invited to Munich was affected by the crackdown but also because of it. to It support Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine Instead, opponents to The Iranian The invitations were made to the governments, and anti-government protests were held in Munich.
Pahlavi lived exile for Since his father, the U.S. backed shah was overthrown during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, it has been nearly forty years.
Opposition to Iran’s clergy government has been atomized, and there is no recognized leader. Pahlavi stated that the priority was now for Unity, and in the final, a democratic system determined by Iranians.
Uncertain how much support Pahlavi is still present on the ground. However, there were some protests by pro- or anti-logans. The event is still cherished by many Iranians. Shah’s Savak was the secret police and Pahlavi stated that he regretted what had been done.
“We have to look at the good, bad and ugly, and that’s the only way we can progress in future,” He said that Iran’s youth was smart and knows that any political system in the future will need institutions. to Make sure the past is not repeated.
Western power has been reluctant to Talk to opponents to Fearing that a break in ties could harm their efforts, the ruling authorities fear. to Release dozens of Western citizens held in Iran by the West, and also end any possibility of Iran and the world power negotiating a new nuclear agreement. That has now begun to change.
French President Emmanuel Macron and Masih, a U.S.-based woman’s rights advocate was filmed together in Munich Friday.
“I would be very happy to meet you all together because this message of unity is very important,” Macron stated.