Brady’s He was exposed to vulnerability. Getting hit by abnormally large men is a part of a quarterback’s job description, but in his final year Brady seemed afraid to face that, which was perhaps understandable given his age. In the Cowboys’ season-ending defeat, Brady made throws in the dirt to avoid being hit, and also threw an expensive interception. This year’s Buccaneers finished with the worst record (8-9) of any team for which Brady was the full-time starter in his N.F.L. career. The Buccaneers made it to the playoffs due to their N.F.C. division. South was the worst division of the N.F.L.

It was no longer a matter of opinion from pundits that Brady is a great player for his age. They insist that Brady can play until his 50s. as When he first retired, they both did and then begged for him to quit.

“You out here looking like somebody that’s stealing money,” Marcus Spears (ex-NFL) is now an ESPN personality. Former N.F.L. defensive player who now hosts the ESPN show. said on a podcast. He also said that: “Bro, go home, bro. Go home. Figure out something else to do. I know it’s Tom Brady. I know it’s the G.O.A.T. You scared to get hit, and you play football. Those two things don’t align.”

There was much debate about whether Brady would be signed with another team as he was an unrestricted free agent following the 2022 season. His favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers as A child from the Bay Area would be an excellent quarterback away from making it to Super Bowl. Las Vegas Raiders Brady’s Josh McDaniels is the long-serving offensive coordinator. as Their head coach, and many skilled offensive players.

“Honestly, after watching tonight’s game, who would want Tom Brady starting on their team next year?” Ryan Clark is a former N.F.L. Ryan Clark, a former N.F.L. defensive back. as An ESPN personality wrote on Twitter after the Buccaneers’ loss to the Cowboys.

Brady was it worth coming back to 2022. That question will likely be answered by Brady on either his podcast or a Fox broadcast. He will also serve as an analyst. Brady wasn’t terrible in his final season; he threw for the third-most passing yards in the league and the sixth-highest total of his career. However, he wasn’t the same player as his former self and didn’t have a team of championship-level players around him. He was not the player he once was. Brady’s Career, which was like an Hollywood movie came to an abrupt end.

“All of us have to go out on our terms, or we won’t be happy, and most of us don’t get to leave on our own terms,” Smith retired following the 2021 season. It was his eleventh year in the N.F.L. “They make that decision for you. So I think that it was worth it because he gets to have the closure that he walked away when he was supposed to.”